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10 Best Trunk Liners For Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is an SUV, manufactured by the Japanese company Honda in 1995. With its high power acceleration, user-friendly features, and a 1.5L turbocharged engine, the Honda CR-V is one of the leading SUVs now. Thus, one should be considerate about keeping the mod interior of this car safe from any stains or dirt. Correspondingly, the best solution to that is buying mats and liners for your SUV. In this post, we’ll suggest to you the 10 Best Trunk Liners For Honda CR-V available on Amazon. So stay tuned and save your precious time.

10.WeatherTech Custom Fit Cargo Liner

The first option we have for you is the WeatherTech Custom Fit Cargo Liner. With its raised lip, high quality and TPA based manufacturing material, it proves as a perfect fit for your Honda CR-V Hybrid. Its resilience is another great factor as it remains flexible in extreme temperature.

Available here.

9.CARORMOKE Cargo Liner Trunk Mat Cargo Tray

This cargo liner we have for you is not only made of durable material but the extension on its sides greatly help in your trunk’s protection. Apart from that, the waterproof material assists in the defense of the interior of the trunk from any liquid spills and to further save your precious time, this liner is extremely easy to clean. All you have to use is a wet cloth. However, this liner can only be used for 2017-2020 Honda CR-V and is not suitable for Trunk with Subwoofer or Honda CR-V Touring.

Cons- Although, the material is sturdy, yet the liner is considered to be too thin.

Available here.

8.WeatherTech Cargo Trunk Liner, Cargo Tray in Highest Position (40997)

The WeatherTech trunk liner is custom-fit for your Honda CR-V. The sturdy material avoids any excess movement of the liner, keeping all your cargo in place. In addition to that, the material used also makes it odorless and non-toxic. The elevated edges are another of its great features, protecting the interior from any mud or dirt.

Available here.

7.Laser Measured Trunk Liner Cargo Rubber Tray

This liner is laser measure for custom fit and if you chose this as your priority, you now no longer have to worry about any spills or dirt because it’s waterproof, has a gentle surface to hold your cargo in place, and has raised lips. One thing, however, to keep in mind is that it may appear to be flimsy for some of the models of Honda CR-V.

Available here.

6.Premium Cargo Liner – 100% Protection – Custom Fit Car Trunk Mat – Easy-to-Wash & All-Season Cargo Mat – 3D Shaped Laser Measured Trunk Liners

The Premium Cargo Liner stands firm in this list mostly, because of its affordable price with such a high standard. Made from TPE material, it not only maintains comfort and quality but is exceedingly resistant to tough stains because of its stain-free nature. The best thing is yet to come that you don’t have to trim it at all to make it a perfect size for your trunk.

Available here.

5.Kiwi Master Cargo Trunk Mat -All Weather Trunk Liner TPE Slush Mats 

 The Kiwi Master Cargo Trunk Liners are another great product at hand. The high-density TPE material sweeps off any chances of bad odor or PVC-related toxins making them eco-friendly. Another good point to notice is that they are easily fixable with the help of any type of fastener or hook. Compatible with the exact dimensions of your Honda CR-V, you are provided with a lifetime warranty.

Available here.

4.WeatherTech Custom Fit Cargo Liner Trunk Mat – 42992

With this model of WeatherTech Cargo Liner, you can most certainly perform your grocery without any troubles as this liner had a firm grip so no item would slip and in worst case scenario if they do slip then this liner is all ready to take the harm all on itself, saving the interior of your car from any leakages, getting it a place on our list of the 10 Best Trunk Liners For Honda CR-V.

Available here.

3.Aiqiying Cargo Liners, TPO Waterproof Rear Cargo Liner Tray Trunk Floor Mats 

If you live in areas that encounter snowy days, this could be one of your preferences because of its perfect fit compatible with your Honda CR-V, there is no room for snow or mud as it is stain-resistant and 100% waterproof. With the help of its texture, it traps dirt and as a bonus gives an elegant look to your car as well.

Cons: This is considered to be like a thin lightweight plastic tray to many buyers.

Available here.

2.MAXLINER All Weather Cargo Liner Floor Mat – Cargo Deck in Lower Position

The best part about the MaxLiner Cargo Liners is that they fit like a glove, extremely compatible with your Honda CR-V.  It has a spill saver lip, protects from all kinds of stains, very effortlessly easy to clean and maintain, quite simply detachable, can withstand any temperature and weather. It has all the golden features, you just name it. This product is nonetheless, not fit for Hybrid models unless, the factory cargo tray is in lower deck position.

Available here.

1.SMARTLINER Cargo Trunk Liner Floor Mat – Liner fits Factory Cargo Deck in Lower Position

Finally, the star of our list arrives which is the SmartLiner Cargo Trunk Liner with its trendy design and fits on the trunk like a baby in its cradle. The ridged patterns are its strongest point, resisting dirt and spillage. The material used in it makes it earth-friendly with no signs of bad odor. They come in very handy as they are easy to install and are detachable too so you could clean them without difficulty. But for the users of Hybrid models, it should be in the notice that they can only use these if the factory cargo deck is in the lower position.

Available here.

That completes our list of the 10 Best Trunk Liners For Honda CR-V. Please enjoy your buying just as much as you enjoyed reading this.