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10 Best Truck Bed Covers For Ford F150

Best Truck Bed Tonneau Cover For Chevrolet Silverado

While truck beds are designed to be strong and durable, they need extra care just like every other part of a truck. A truck bed cover protects your truck bed, secures your luggage, provides privacy and increases the truck’s mileage. It also retains your truck value and ensures the content of your truck bed remains organized.

So as the owner of a Ford F150, below is a list of high-quality bed covers for your truck. 

1. YITAMOTOR Bed Tonneau Cover 

A good truck bed cover must be element-resistant and this YITAMOTOR tonneau has reinforcement corners that protect your truck bed from water, snow, and dust. It has a multi-layer strip and an internal diversion trough that eliminates rainwater and protects your luggage from moisture. This truck bed is also very easy to install as it does not involve drilling or tools for installation. With iron clamps and safety buckles you can rest assured that when driving, your luggage and cargos will be safe within your truck bed. 

Available here.

2. Syneticusa Waterproof Bed Cover

The Syneticusa tonneau bed cover is made with solid aluminum slates to keep your truck bed protected from leaves, snow, rain, hails and wind. The matte coating of the tonneau gives it an ultra-modern look that can make your Ford F150 look more appealing. Syneticusa truck bed cover can be locked from any position and is also easy to open. Installation includes bolts and mounting brackets and is relatively easy to install. The Syneticusa bed cover is UV protected and low maintenance. 

Available here.

3. Deebior Soft Lock Tonneau Cover 

For your 6.5ft bed Ford F150, Deebior tonneau cover is a great option. It features a roll-up cover with clamps, side rails, an installation manual, and hex keys. Deebior tonneau cover is top mount and sits on your truck bed rails to enhance water runoff. The top mount style also creates more room for your luggage. Installing Deebior tonneau is easy as it does not involve the use of drills and has a straight forward instruction manual. 

Available here.

 4. JJ 5.5ft Truck Bed

JJ truck bed cover is, without a doubt one, of the best truck covers in the market. It has a tri-fold cover with aluminum buckles, bag buckles, wrenches, triangle nuts, a led lamp, and a waterproof adhesive tape. The truck bed cover is also made with a tarp that has high bending strength and high tensile strength. The aluminum rails create an efficient water disposal system for the truck, keeping the content of the truck bed safe and dry.

Available here.

5. OEDRO Tri-Fold Truck Cover

The OEDRO truck bed cover is designed for any Ford F150 with a 5.5ft bed. The installation process does not involve drilling and only requires 4 clamps installation to be secure. With aluminum frames and steel clamps, this tonneau will sit steadily on your truck. The materials used for the tonneau cover make it durable/aesthetically pleasing, and the vinyl coating makes it UV resistant and waterproof. 

Available Here.

6. Lyon Truck Bed Cover

Lyon truck bed cover is made with high-quality materials that will protect your equipment, not just from the elements, but also from theft. The tonneau is designed to be waterproof, dirt proof and snow proof, keeping your truck bed safe and dry. The truck bed cover is also treated to make it corrosion-resistant. This way you can have a durable truck bed cover that will also look good for years. Lyon truck bed cover has a lightweight design so to make full use of your truck bed, you can easily fold the cover from front to rear.

Available Here.

7. For 15-18 Truck Bed Cover

For truck bed cover comes with rubberized edges that makes sealing efficient. It also increases your truck’s aerodynamics –this makes it go faster than it would without a truck bed cover. For truck bed cover is easy to install as it requires only clamps and no drills. It also comes with a locking strap that can keep your bed cover secure when it’s folded up. 

Available Here.

8. Mifeier Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

If your Ford F150 has a bed of 5.5ft, Mifeier tonneau cover might just be the best option for you. It is made with strong aluminum that is both functional and durable. The black color surface finish also makes it perfect for trucks of all colors. With one rubber strip and a simple installation manual, you can install this truck cover in less than 30 minutes.

Available Here.

9. Autozensation Tonneau Cover

One major reason the Autozensation tonneau cover is well sought after is its vinyl quality. The quality material keeps the content of your truck bed protected and keeps your truck’s resale value high. The installation process is also stress-free as it requires very little modification. 

Available Here.

10. Goplus Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Last on the list is the Goplus truck bed cover. This bed cover has a practical yet stylish design that will make your truck appealing to look at. The tonneau has a soft and smooth surface designed to shield your camping items, luggage shopping goods, and any other cargo from the elements. It is made with solid aluminum alloy iron and oxford cloth that isn’t just light and soft but also water-resistant and durable. When you roll up the truck covers, you can secure it with hooks that will keep it safe while you drive. Lastly, if you are after a truck bed that requires little maintenance, Goplus is a great option. Due to the smooth surface, it does not hoard dirt or debris and can easily be cleaned with water.

Available Here.

A truck bed cover can turn out to be a great investment if you purchase the right one. So choose one of the truck bed covers above and keep your cargo secure within your truck bed!