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10 Best Travel Sockets

Is it not annoying that you are traveling abroad, and as soon as you reach your destination, you find out that none of your devices can be plugged in. To avoid this troublesome scenario, always keep a universal travel adapter with you that can plug into any socket. Read further to check our list of top 10 universal travel sockets.

10. Greenyourlife Universal World Wide Surge Protector (6.99$)

This travel adapter is one of the most affordable options in the market. This simple travel socket can be used for 120-240 V and can give out 6-13A of current.  A surge protector is also pre-installed.

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9. Travel Ready AC power adapter(14.89$)

The adapter is designed with two ports that allow you to plug in two devices at once. Its a standard Type A/B plug and can sustain 2500 Watts of energy.

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8. AC Universal World Travel Adapter by Bonazza(24.83$)

A travel adapter that can be used anywhere around the world since it can accept  2 or 3 prong plug outlets from anywhere. It has the capability to sustain 110V-660W / 240V-1440W.

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7. World Travel Adapter, HaWaTour®(21.99$)

The device is CE/ RoHS/ FCC certified making it safe to use. Multifunction adapter has a dual USB charging as well and is backed by company’s life time warranty.

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6. Bestten 3 Outlet Mini Travel Charger(17.99$)

This socket has three AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports. It also comes with a 300-joule surge suppression rating and Bestten offers a 1-year full warranty. 18-inch power cord also provides a good way for extending your power.

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5. Ecandy Multifunctional Conversion Travel All-in-one Power Adapter(8.99$)

Three different push buttons for three types of sockets UK, Europe and USA/AUS. It does not perform electrical conversion, though.

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4. Universal Travel Adapter Pac2Go(24.99$)

This adapter has a single button to change sockets for different locations. It also has two 5 Volt, 2.5A USB ports and can sustain 1500W of power with a built-in 6A fuse.

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3. MOCREO® Safety Travel Charger(15.90$)

A durable power adapter, having excellent build quality. Three different slider buttons for various types of sockets and the manufacturer claims it is suitable for over 150 countries. As per the manufacturer, it can deliver 2500mAh of power.

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2. Universal Travel Adapter by Yubi Power(8.99$)

This wall socket has an LED light to indicate power. The manufacturer claims it is compatible in every continent. As per the rating, it can sustain 600w for 120V and 1200w for 240V.

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1. eForCity Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter(5.89$)

The most popular adapter on amazon.com. It has more than 2000 positive reviews with an average rating of 4/5 stars. The device is capable of being used all around the world. Regarding durability and reliability, it is the best product around.

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