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10 Best Tailgate Inserts for Ford F150

The Ford F150 is an amazing car with an attractive design known for its durability and speed. It is a comfortable ride that has gained ground globally. Its engine is as sophisticated as its design. However, in order to enhance the look of this great car model, you need the best tailgate inserts that will fit it. In this review, we have selected the best 10 tailgate inserts for Ford F150 with reasons why they are regarded the best.

1. Haru Creative – 2018 Ford F150 Rear Tailgate Letter Insert Overlay Decal Sticker

The Haru Creative Ford F150 rear tailgate letter insert is a premium quality decal made of real HC vinyl. Unlike many other tailgate inserts, this particular model has been designed with a sophisticated Air Release Technology. This Air Release Technology makes installing this tailgate insert very easy without any technical expertise. The Haru Creative is weather-resistant and comes with a 3mil UV protection to protect it from cracks, wear or tear making it a durable option. This tailgate insert is the perfect choice that can help you transform the look of your Ford F150 at a very affordable cost. Considering that this product comes directly from HaruCreative, its authenticity is guaranteed at all times with a decal sticker that ensures quality.

Available here.

2. BDTrims Black Tailgate Plastic Letters Inserts Fits 2018/2019

BDTrims black tailgate plastic letters insert is one of the best-selling tailgate inserts for Ford F150. It is made up of a high-quality plastic material and has impressive resistance to long term exposure. This resistance is what makes it one of the most durable tailgates inserts in the market today. This tailgate insert can be installed in minutes with no technical skill required. Enjoy 5 years warranty when you get this high-quality tailgate insert that has been properly cut to perfectly fit into the Ford F150.

Available here.

3. Arita Tailgate Insert Letters for Ford F150

The Arita tailgate inserts are super easy to fit into the cavity of the Ford F150 car without any stress. Provided the excesses are properly cleaned before this tailgate insert is fixed, then the adhesive is certainly going to last for a very long time before it begins to show any sign of a crack. This tailgate insert is cleanable and can be uninstalled when the car needs to be washed and re-installed without any stress. It is made of a quality Zinc alloy and 3M adhesive that is weather-resistant and car wash safe at the same time.

Available here.

4. Black Tailgate Letters F150 2017/2018 Rear Inserts

The black tailgate letters rear inserts is made up of a high-quality piano black ABS material. This tailgate is a very durable one and can last for as long as ten years while still in good shape. It comes with an original 3M backing tape that makes it very easy to install. The material of this tailgate insert is very flexible and does not easily wear off or crack. Enjoy a lifetime warranty on this easy to clean and wax safe tailgate insert.

Available here.

5. EAG Chrome Rear Tailgate Letter Insert Overlay Fit for Ford F-150

This tailgate insert is a quality one made by a global genuine 3M certified manufacturer. The letters of this tailgate have been well designed to fit into the tailgate of the Ford F150.  Installing this tailgate is very easy and can happen in less than two minutes without the help of any third party. This best quality tailgate insert is an eye-catcher that brings out the beauty in your ford car at all times.

Available here.

6. Chrome EyeCatcher Tailgate Insert Letters

The Chrome EyeCatcher Ford super duty tailgate insert is UV stable and comes with a chrome raised plastic and a certified adhesive. At the point of the design, it has been pre-spaced to make installation very easy. Installation of this tailgate insert can be done in a little less than 3 minutes. The letters of this tailgate insert are well modeled to perfectly fit the Ford car. Alcohol is needed to clean the surface before installation is made to ensure dirt, dust or wax is removed before the tailgate is placed.

Available here.

7. Red Letters for F150 2017 2018 F150 Tailgate Inserts

Made with a high quality stimulated Red ABS material, this tailgate insert is very durable, well designed and cleanable. It is laser cut to guarantee a perfect fit into the Ford F150 and can be installed in minutes. It comes with an original 3M backing tape that keeps it intact after installation. To keep it clean, soft cloth, soap and warm water can be used as its material is flexible and waxing safe.

Available here.

8. 2018 Ford F150 Tailgate Insert Letters Decals – Black Red

This tailgate insert for Ford F150 comes with raised letters and not as a vinyl sticker. It is very qualitative in its design and has been properly cut to perfectly fit. It comes with a 5 years user warranty that assures its durability. Users need no third party or technical expertise to have this tailgate insert done as it can be carried out in minutes.

Available here.

9. 2018 Ford F150 Magnetic Dark Gray Tailgate Insert Decals

This tailgate insert is regarded as one of the best in the market currently because it comes with a magnetic surface that not only makes installation possible but also makes it easy to remove and replace it conveniently. This magnetic surface makes this tailgate insert a long-lasting one as it does not have to be exposed to the harshness of changing weather.

Available here.

10. Lawr Adhesive F150 Tailgate Insert Letters

This tailgate insert unlike ordinary stick and peel stickers is made of real HC vinyl with an Air Release technology that eases installation. This insert comes with 100% genuine 3m adhesive that has a very high resistance to long term exposure of sunlight or rain. It also has a raised solid metal badge to create a very cool 3D feeling.

Available here.

With the top 10 best tailgate inserts for Ford F150 provided above, it becomes very easy for you to choose which tailgate insert is best for you. The price and your color choice are major factors to be considered when choosing from any of the tailgate inserts that have been provided. All the tailgate inserts provided for the above are all available on Amazon.