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10 Best Surgical Gloves

It is paramount to ensure your surgical team is secured and protected from pathogens in the blood and such other body fluids that are toxic and transmittable from person to person, thereby leading to the spread of illnesses. 

As a surgical person you want to make sure that you and your team keeps safe and enjoy the best of the first line of defense offered by ‘sterilized surgical glove’ which is one of the personal protective equipment in the theatre.

When making a choice for the right surgical glove; there are a number of things to consider which border around safety, clinical efficacy and sometimes cost –Yes, ultimately, you want to ensure that you’re getting value for your purchase.

On this page, we’ve been able to put together some of the 10 best surgical gloves you can find. 

Nitrile Exam Gloves, Powder-Free, Medical Grade, Cool Blue Protection Disposable Nitrile Gloves for Hospitals, Law Enforcement, Tattoo Artists, First Respons, Large, Box/100

This Nitrile piece of gloves is a popular demand. The hand glove –awesome for surgical and other medical procedures –is one of the products to consider whilst hunting for the purchase of your next surgical gloves. It offers better elasticity than a number of other products; better puncture and abrasion resistance. It fits comfortably when in use; tactile sensitive. The infusion of a micro roughened surface ensures the gloves offer the right grip and enable sure handedness.

Available HERE

MICRO-TOUCH DENTA-GLOVE Green Neoprene Gloves – Disposable, Powder Free, Exam Grade, Size Small (pack of 100)

The Green Neoprene Gloves feature Ergoform; a design technology included to reduce muscle effort that is said to trigger stress on joint area of the arm; the ligament and tendons. This surgical glove has been put through additional testing and it is said to have low risk of irritation in the course of intraoral procedures. It also offers a secured grip and protection from allergy. 

You can purchase this surgical glove HERE 

Superfit Latex Surgical Gloves | Powder-Free | Sterile | #8.0 | 50 Pairs/Box

Here is Superfit latex surgical gloves: It has a smooth surface which offers a natural tactile sensation. This glove comes in ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue common during operation. The powder free feature limits the risk for latex allergy. 

Available HERE

Medical Nitrile Gloves, YOUYA DENTAL 100Pcs Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder Free Rubber Latex Free Disposable Medical Exam Gloves Non Sterile Ambidextrous Comfortable Industrial Clear Rubber Gloves S

Take a look at these medical nitrile gloves by YOUYA DENTAL. Though, it is a multipurpose glove, could be used in any setting. But, ultimately, this piece by Youya Dental is perfect for medical procedures due to its textured and resistant design and quality. It is fortified to prevent puncture, tears, and rips. This surgical glove is easy to wear and comfortable in use and protects against all manner of chemicals.

Get yours HERE

Dynarex Surgeon’s Sterile Glove PF Size 8.0 – Pairs (50/Box)

Each Dynarex Surgeon’s Sterile Glove box contains 100 pieces of gloves, 50 pairs. Each pack remains sterile until individual’s wrapper is cut open. This hand gloves contain natural rubber latex and it is powder free. Apparently, here’s another amazing surgical gloves you can find within this space. 

Available HERE 

IMBM Disposable Medical Grade Powder-Free Rubber Examination Gloves for Household Food Doctors Special Latex Protective Medical Gloves (Size : L)

A bit pricey but the IMBM Disposable Medical Grade hand gloves is made of high quality material; that offers protection against toxic chemicals. It provides firm grip even in moisture or wet conditions. Though, versatile, implying that it could be used for a variety of things ranging from household to electronic work etc., This surgical gloves is puncture resistant and tactile sensitive. It comes in three sizes; so you may have to choose between small, medium and large.

Get your IMBM surgical gloves HERE

Disposable Protective Gloves 100pcs Purple Nitrile Latex Gloves Thickened Powder-Free Wear-Resistant Non-Slip Multi-Functional Industrial Gloves Laboratory Gloves (Size : M)

This multi-functional industrial glove is another hand gloves you may be interested in. The box contains 50 pairs: Fortified against piercing and tearing. Its elastic nature offers flexibility that would make your fingers fit properly. If you are looking for a thick, durable and resilient medical gloves this product is definitely one you want to settle for.

Available HERE

McKesson Glove Box Holder Clear Plastic 1-Box Capacity 16-6534 10 /Case

The McKesson glove –a powder-free latex exam gloves –is one the few pricey medical gloves around and the reason for this is not farfetched. It comes in a clear plastic; which easily distinguish it from other types; and offers durability. The box comes with mounting hardware and instructions. Over all, an amazing hand gloves perfect for your surgical and medical procedures.

Get your McKesson glove HERE

Microflex ComfortGrip Latex Glove, Powder Free, 9.6″ Length, 5 mils Thick, X-Small (Pack of 100)

Speaking of a quality and durable hand glove for surgical procedures, the Microflex ComfortGrip latex glove qualifies for the call for best surgical gloves. The palm and finger area is textured thereby offering an improved grip in wet condition. Thickness is amazing, and has standard length measurement. Puncture resistant and it is powder free. 

Get your Microflex ComfortGrip Latex Glove HERE

Ammex Gloveworks HD Industrial Green Nitrile Gloves with Diamond Texture Grip, Box of 100, 8 mil, Size Medium, Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable, GWGN44100-BX

The Ammex Gloveworks, an EXTRA thick, multi-purposes hand glove; is one you should consider in your quest for good surgical gloves. If you’re allergic to natural rubber, this latex free product should be a perfect choice for you. It offers great elasticity and it is puncture and chemical resistant. The thickness level is amazing and it comes in different sizes.

Available HERE

Surgical and medical gloves come in a variety of materials and product qualities ranging from vinyl, neoprene, latex, nitrile rubber and more. Overall, whilst deciding which of the products to go for; see to it that clinical efficacy is central to your decision.