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10 Best Screen Protectors For Xiaomi Mi 8

The Xiaomi Mi 8 is the latest flagship phone from Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi and comes with some mouth-watering specs. Among these are a 6.21” Super AMOLED display, 12mp dual-camera system, 8GB of RAM, the latest Snapdragon 845 and a large 3400mah battery. All of these combine to make the Xiaomi Mi 8 a very nice phone to own and the sales numbers in China are proof. The 19:9 ratio display is, of course, as fragile as it is beautiful and getting a screen protector to keep the screen safe is crucial. To help you do that, we’ve compiled this list of the 10 best Screen protectors for Xiaomi Mi 8. Check them out below!

PASBUY Screen Protector for Xiaomi Mi 8

Starting off the list, we have the PASBUY screen protector for the Xiaomi Mi 8. It has 0.26mm?thick, premium tempered glass with rounded edges to accommodate the screen. Additionally, it features high-response and high transparency. Dust-free, fingerprint-free, one-push super easy installation, bubble free, everything you could ask from a screen protector is promised.

Available here.

Katian Protector for Xiaomi Mi 8

Next up, we have the Katian screen protector for the Xiaomi Mi 8. The choice screen protector for many, it is made with top-quality materials and checks all the boxes for a good quality screen protector. This protector is designed to keep the original color of the screen, give you the full visual experience. Bubble free installation with no risk of dust, oil and fingerprint smudges shouldn’t be an issue.

Available here.

Jbao Direct Screen Protector for Xiaomi Mi 8

Eighth on this list is the Jbao Direct screen protector for the Xiaomi Mi 8. This screen protector promises the optimal user experience with a transparency level of 99.9%. The 0.3mm thickness means that the screen is as responsive as ever and the touch sensitivity isn’t compromised at all. Bubble free installation is also assured.

Available here.

Pulen Screen Protector for Xiaomi Mi 8

Next in the list is the Pulen screen protector for the Xiaomi Mi 8. The protector has 0.33mm ultra-thinness, high-response & high-transparency glass which maintains the original touch experience. The 9H hardness and scratch-resistance effectively protects your phone from unwanted scuffs and scratches by knife, keys and some other hard substances while the 99% transparency ensures that the visual experience is intact.

Available here.

zl One Screen Protector for Xiaomi Mi 8

This isn’t exactly a screen protector, but it does include one. The zl one case for the Xiaomi Mi 8 provides maximum protection for your phone from shock and dust and also eliminates the need to buy a separate screen protector. The included protector happens to have a 9H hardness rating, meaning it doesn’t compromise on quality. For more on the best cases for Xiaomi Mi 8, go here.

Available here.

Okasis Screen Protector for Xiaomi Mi 8

Next, we have this screen protector manufactured by Okasis for the Xiaomi Mi 8. This protector is made from the high quality tempered-glass for maximum scratch protection and easy installation. It has an ultra-thin 0.3mm thickness, making it reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. The surface hardness 9H and topped with oleophobic coating serves to reduce fingerprints and protect from scratches.

Available here.

VIKEE HD Screen Protector For Xiaomi Mi 8

Fourth on this list, we have the VIKEE HD screen protector for the Xiaomi Mi 8. Designed to fully protect your phone from fingerprints, oil stains and other stains, it has an oleophobic coated surface which acts as a safeguard against moisture.  With a hardness rating of 9H and transparency of 99%, it should keep your screen well-protected from scratches and everyday wear and tear without affecting the user experience.

 Available here.

KTTWO Screen Protector

The KTTWO screen protector for the Xiaomi Mi 8 takes third-place on our list. It has a smooth touch response which doesn’t affect the touch screen sensitivity and your fingers glide across the screen protector as smooth as the original screen of Xiaomi Mi 8. Not only that, but it has 9H of super-strong scratch-proof hardness to prevent the presence of scratches, with 99.99% ultra-high light transmittance. A great overall screen protector.

Available here

Ibywind Screen Protector

In second place, we have the Ibywind screen protector for the Xiaomi Mi 8, which also throws in a bubble-free installation applicator to make that application as smooth as possible. The glass is up to 99% high transparency, preserving yout Xiaomi Mi 8’s quality and providing you the full visual experience the phone has to offer. Definitely a decent option to consider and get.

Available here.

AVIDET Screen Protector

And finally, we have the AVIDET screen protector for the Xiaomi Mi 8. The first-choice screen protector for many, it has 99.9% transparency; extremely thin glass – 0.3MM, a surface hardness of 9H, and a 2.5D curved edge which prevents the glass from chipping. It promises to protect your screen against water, dust, dirt, scratches, fingerprints, cracks, dents, smudge marks, and other common hazards and easy-installation should also be no issue.

Available here.

So that rounds up our list of the 10 best screen protectors for Xiaomi Mi 8. We hope that it helped you in making a choice for yourself. Stay tuned for more.