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10 Best Respirators for Personal Safety

Note: When buying anything online, please exercise good judgment especially in case of buying anything for protection against coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Please refer to the CDC website for accurate information.

Since the early 2000s, the world, as we know it, has been faced with an epidemic that has always rocked virtually every nation to its bone. From the time of the Bird Flu epidemic to the Ebola virus, which all vary in their mortality and fatality rate. Nations the world over have all tried to find ways to prevent and contain any further or widespread cases of the outbreak. But since the recent outbreak of the now deadly and ravaging COVID-19 virus early this year in the Wuhan region in China, the world had been shook by another widespread epidemic. Now, what is the COVID-19 virus? The coronavirus, as it is commonly known, was already quite common amongst humans and is now known as a severe acute respiratory system coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2). Still, this new strain has never been detected in humans. It can be spread through several means such as body contact,  coughing, and sneezing. There are several preventive measures, but in this article, we’d be talking about the use of respiratory masks.

Let us take a look at the top 10 Best respirators to prevent you. 

1.Rocky Shop N95 mask 8511 PRO Particulate Respirator W/Exhalation Valve mask

The Rocky Shop N95 mask 8511 PRO Particulate Respirator W/Exhalation Valve mask is one of the best respirators you can find just about anywhere. It comes with state of the art features that keep you protected at all times. It allows users to breathe easily with 30% breathing ease. The hand band is braided to allow for comfort while being used. The nose clips can be adjusted to reduce the fogging of the glasses. It is usually better to be paired with surgical glasses. 

Available here

2. Babequeen N95 Safety Masks, Respirator for Virus Protection and Personal Health, NIOSH Certified

Lightweight design, Soft comfort foam, adjustable elastic straps are components of the Babequeen N95 Safety Masks that gives the assurance of total security. It’s a top-notch four layer air filtration system with High-density non-woven fabric-nano filtration-N95 filtration-high-breathable non-woven fabric. It protects users from dust and viruses. The elastic band allows it to be comfortable for extended usage. According to the features,  it is one of the top respirators brands you can purchase. 

Available here

3. MIRA SAFETY MDOT PRO 320 Full Face Respirator Mask CBRN-Filter

Built to last for seven years due to its durability, this respirator mask might be the best buy for your money with its affordable pricing and efficient functionalities—the gas mask filter was engineered to withstand any possible bio-hazardous substances. Tested against any biohazard one might encounter in the lab or any exposure, users can rest assured of its safety level.

Available here

4. MIRA SAFETY MASK Full Face Respirator Safety Mask

It has a certified premium MIRA SAFETY DOT PRO 320 Filter, which provides full facial protection of the user. No matter the condition or substance in the air, everyone who purchases the respiratory mask is rest assured of their total safety. It also provides a wide field of view for excellent visibility with a quick adjustment of the headband and a suction cup that prevents the fogging of the glass.

Available here

5. YNSIR Anti Pollution Breathable Respirator Mask

This reusable N95 face mask has an outer casing that can be washed or replaceable. The nose clip, which is reshapeable, helps to improve sealing, which helps to decrease fogging. Its filter, 

which has active carbon, is replaceable due to wear from stopping all of the air hazards. It comes in one color design. The ear loops help control the fit everyone, no matter the head size. 

Available here

6. Anzonto 20 PCS Disposable Earloop Face Masks


This level 3 face mask can be used for virtually any nasal protection task. It has a three filter layer that gives a comfortable and soft feel; it removes the option of leathery feel from other masks. Although it’s disposable, it comes in a 20 mask package. It eliminates the heat effect, with its electrostatic, filter material. 

Available here

7. Majoxin Disposable Respiratory Mask 

One of the most affordable face mask with excellent efficiency rate,The hypoallergenic, high filtration system has enough capacity for the filter to be spacious. It is an FFP2 grade mask with an antifog headband. It has a close fit build that prevents corrupted air from entering the face mask. It’s ear loops are also elastic to aid comfort.

Available here

8. 3M Particulate Respirator 8233, N100

The 3M face respirator runs on the N100, which is different from other face respirators using the N95. This protective equipment is regulated and used only in the United States industrial space. It’s over 99.5% filtration respirator, is efficient against other non-oil based particles. The adjustable head strap gives the face mask a suitable seal. 

Available here

9.  Rocky Shop 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

Just like its other companion, the rocky shop 8210 N95 particulate respirator mask is lightweight and high efficient. It would be a preffered choice of protection when in polluted areas. It’s build is well designed and similar in design with their other products. It possesses an all way filter style, and a well suited adjustable nose clip. The eye fogging feature helps in promoting comfort for the user.  The respirator meets NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95 requirements which were met according to the production demands. 

Available here

10. ProCIV N95 Mask, Particulate Respiratory Masks

Unique design, advanced breathing protection are part of the exquisite feature the ProCIV

Face mask possesses. The pricing is more affordable for a cottonmouth mask with high filter efficiency. The contour fit comes with a soft metal nosepiece which fits finely over the nose bridge. Although it comes with a low profile design, that allows for comfort. 

Available here

Those are some of the best face respirators in the market to protect yourself. You could confidently use any of the aforementioned face respiratory masks and be rest assured that you would be safe from the deadly virus. The pricing range from high to low, depending on the design of the product.