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10 Best Remote Start Kits For Ford F150

As the owner of a Ford F150, one of the best moves you can make is to invest in a remote start kit. Whether it is installed in a factory option or bought as an accessory, this kit allows you to operate your car engine via remote. With a remote starter kit, you can moderate the temperature of your car even before you get in, warm your car minutes before driving, and keep the resale value high. 

For the 10 best remote start kits for your Ford F150, check out the list below.

1. Start-X Remote Start Kit

Starting this list is the Start-X remote start kit. With the plug n play starter kit, you can warm up your Ford before you step into it on cold mornings. And on hot days, you can also cool down your car’s temperature before stepping in. The plug n play eliminates wire splicing, keeping the installation process tidy and safe. You also do not need any extra devices to make this kit function. All you need is to click the lock 3x to turn on your Ford 150 and click it another 3x to turn it off.

Available Here.

2. Plug In Remote Start Kit

If what you seek for your Ford F150 is a remote start kit that is very easy to install, Plug-In is an option to consider. It comes with a direct installation manual put together by support specialists. The system also has everything you need to start your car remotely and provides key takeover support. With a maximum runtime of 35 minutes, Plug-In is a better option than most.

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3. MPC Remote Start Kit (Ford F150 2011-2014)

While this MPC remote start kit does not come with remotes, it provides an add-on start system remote for cars with keyless entry. It utilizes your car’s factory remotes and turns your car on when you click the lock button 3x. This means you can cool or warm your Ford F150 without getting into it and without a need for extra key fobs. With a plugin t-harness, you can also enjoy a remote that does not litter your car with wires.

Available Here.

4. Start-X Remote Starter (Ford F150 2015-2019)

While this remote start kit like most start kits allows you to start up your car remotely, it also comes with a mobile phone add on. This way you can turn on your vehicle wherever you are with a mobile phone module. The installation process is very easy as there are no wires to be spliced. You also do not need extra devices to utilize the remote as pressing the lock key 3x can lock and unlock your car. Before this remote starter can work, however, a hood pin will be required so make sure you get a hood pin before you buy this remote starter kit.

Available Here.

5. Start-X Remote Start Kit (Ford F150 2015-2020)

If you want a remote kit that is perfectly compatible with your Ford F150 2015-2020, this Start-X kit may be the best option. It utilizes an updated plug n play kit that can spare you long freezing or hot moments while you wait for your car’s temperature to adjust. The remote setting is located in the dashboard, providing you with an opportunity to switch the duration within 5-15 minutes or to change the climate settings. This remote start kit also requires a hood pin to work so make sure you get one before buying a kit.

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6. MPC Remote Start Kit (Ford F150 2009-2010)

This remote start kit is compatible with your Ford F150 2009-2010. It comes with an interface bypass module and a remote starter. It also has a preloaded firmware that is all set to be programmed according to your needs. With auto-start options, it can be programmed between 2-4 hours and during run time, it can be programmed between 5-30 minutes. This MPC start kit comes with a DIY installation manual that is easy to follow. Other features of the kit include a flash link updater, a smartphone interface module and a CSRF kit.

Available Here.

7. Remote Start Kit

One of the best qualities of this remote start kit is that it is compatible with a wide range of Fords. With the complete plug n play kit, you can warm up your car on cold mornings and cool it down on hot afternoons from your home. It is also very easy to install as it comes just with two major wires for connection. Before buying this kit, keep in mind that the kit does not enable your truck’s remote start option. Also, climate control is set on auto and the heat/coolness level will be based on your car.

Available Here.

8. MPC Remote Start Kit (Ford F150 1999-2004)

For your 1999-2004 Ford, you can get this remote start kit with a bypass module and a remote starter. The remote start features allow you to unlock your doors and start your engine from a 1500ft distance. While the installation process is not plugged n play, an installation manual with directions for each wire will be provided.

Available Here.

9. MPC Remote Start Kit (Ford F150 2014-2018)

This remote starter kit features an all-in-one interface bypass module with preloaded firmware that can instantly be programmed to suit your Ford F150. If you would like to handle the climate control, however, you may have to contact the seller for assistance.

Available Here.

10. MPC Remote Start Kit (Ford F150 2015-2019)

If what you want is a plug and play remote start kit, this add-on start system is the perfect option for your 2015-2019 F150. With it, you can cool or warm your car while sitting indoors without a need for extra key fobs. Installation is very easy as the t-harness minimizes the number of wire connections needed.

Available Here.

Why suffer long minutes freezing/sweating in your Ford F150 when you can adjust the temperature long before getting into your car? Make your vehicle extra comfortable today with the remote start kits mentioned above!