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10 Best Pasta Making Machines

The in-thing now is to do it yourself, and the best place, to begin with, is in your kitchen. While pre-packed pasta may be convenient to get off the grocery store and cook in minutes, your family can benefit a lot more from homemade recipes. You can explore a variety of ingredients, adjust the shape and thickness to your taste, or just have fun kneading and mixing with your loved ones. 

To get you started, here is a list of the brands that just keeps topping the list. You are sure of getting your penny’s worth with any of them.

Marcato Design 8320 Atlas 150 Pasta Machine 

Known among users as the Ferrari of the pasta world, this Marcato atlas pasta machine is your best bet for homemade traditional Italian pasta. It’s designed to roll and cut pasta dough to your choice thickness and shape. The adjustment dial offers you 10 dough thickness to choose from and you can conveniently make lasagna, fettuccine, or tagliolini shape right there in your kitchen.

This Amazon’s no 1 bestseller is made from Italian chrome-plated steel and comes with pasta cutter, hand crank, clamp, and instructions that will make you a pro in no time. However, it will require a separately sold pasta motor drive and cutting accessory to set up.

Available here 

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine 

This heavy-duty chrome-plated steel pasta machine will deliver your traditional Italian pasta to you with the freshest aroma and texture – just the way you love it. It comes with a 6 – inch wide roller with a double head designed for thin spaghetti and a wider fettuccini noodle. Imperia pasta machines are quite popular among Italian chefs and this 150 model is most perfectly described as the Rolls Royce of pasta machines with an impressive number of 5-star ratings on Amazon. It allows you to choose your preferred pasta thickness and consistency and comes with an attachment clamp and wooden handle for your convenience. 

Available here

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

This Marcato’s silver 8320SL pasta machine comes with pasta cutter, hand crank, clamp, a complete instruction guide, and 10 years warranty like most Marcato models. It will require an external pasta motor drive and separately sold cutters for a complete setup. There’s the adjustment dial to control the dough thickness and can roll out up to 150 – millimeters wide to make for easy and even cooking; you can also trust it to easily absorb the sauce. 

What’s stopping you from exploring your homemade pasta recipes already! This model does it all. However, note that all Marcato pasta machines are exclusively sold from HIC Harold Import Co.

Available here 

Hamilton Beach Electric Pasta Maker

Become a pro in no time with this quick, easy, and convenient to use a pasta machine. You can make up to 2 – 3 servings of any Italian pasta of your choice in 15mins. Hamilton Beach offers you all you need in one automated process with this model. From kneading, mixing, down to the extrusion; it takes away all the stress from you and gives you your dream pasta in return. Unlike most manual models out there, this product allows you to customize your recipe and contains an internal weighing scale to measure out your ingredients automatically. 

You don’t need to dry the pasta afterward – just cook it right away!

Available here.

Philips Large Pasta Maker Plus

Just add the ingredients and this machine will do the rest. You can experiment with any ingredient of your choice – egg, juices, puree; you name it and process up to 1/2lb of pasta in about 10mins. What’s more! It has 4 shaping discs to give you the pasta of your choosing. 

From fettuccini to lasagne to the craziest pasta shape you’ve seen on your TV screen; you can make them all in your kitchen with no hassle. It’s easy to disassemble and clean and also has an inbuilt drawer for storing all the cleaning tools and shaping discs. 

On the fun side, your order is delivered with a recipe book you can try with your family. Make your pasta and enjoy your meal time always! 

Available here 

Philips Compact Pasta Maker 

What Philips is offering here is a quick, fully-automatic, and compact solution to making your choice pasta from scratch. You can process as much as 17 ounces of pasta in 18mins without lifting a finger. It has 3 classic shaping discs to allow for smooth and even extrusion each time you use it. Since the process is automated, you can add any ingredient of your choosing or even incorporate your family’s choice herbs and spices and enjoy your pasta fresh and tasty. 

What’s more, it’s compact and only takes up little space so you can leave it on your counter permanently.

Available here

Ovente Pasta Maker Machine

If what you’re looking for is a machine that will keep serving you for years to come, this is it! With the combination of sturdy food-grade carbon and 304 high-grade stainless, you can keep making your pasta without fear of wear. It comes with a plastic handle, adjustable countertop clamp, and a double pasta cutter to make each process a lot easier for you.

One advantage of homemade pasta is the opportunity it gives you to choose your preferred pasta thickness, flavor, and shape. With this model, you have a 7 – position dial to help adjust the thicknes, and a double cutter gives you that.

Available here 

KitchenAid KSMPRA

Kitchen aid wants to help you make your pasta from the scratch within minutes. Whatever shape or thickness you desire, this made in Italy set is engineered to deliver to your taste. The pasta roller rolls out 6 – inches sheet of pasta with 8 thicknesses you can choose from. If you already have a kitchen aid stand mixer at home, then you can opt for only the 3-piece attachments as they are designed to fit into any kitchen aid mixer stand (you can save a little more that way).

With a kitchen aid stand mixer, pasta roller, fettuccine cutter, spaghetti cutter, and a cleaning brush in one pack, you can enjoy endless pasta time with your loved ones.

Available here 

CucinaPro 190 Pasta Maker Machine

CucinaPro 190 assures you of quick, fresh, clean, and safe pasta at your convenience. All you need to do is prepare your dough manually and the machine will do the rest to your desired thickness and shape. Imperia pasta machines are making their way into lots of homes due to their quality and ease of operation. It’s elegant, exclusive, and easy to use but don’t put it in a dishwasher – ever!

Available here

Marcato Atlas Regina Extruder Pasta Maker

Do you love hollow pasta? Then this machine can give you the best shape, thickness, and flavor of your choosing. It’s made in Italy from food-grade, shockproof plastic and fitted with chrome-plated steel and skidproof feet to keep your pasta clean and safe. It can extrude 5 noodle cuts in a few seconds, requires no electricity, and unlike many, can be washed with water and mild soap. 

Available here

Frankly, everything has been made quite easy these days. You can keep your family healthy and away from toxic foods with any of these brands. You can also incorporate your nutritional needs to your pasta; that way everyone can benefit from it. And above all, you can enjoy it whenever you choose. Pick your pocket’s worth and start rolling out the dough already!