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10 Best Lift Kits For Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado lift kits are kits that contain the necessary tools required to lift your vehicle. They help increase the overall height of your Chevrolet while providing extra ground clearance. Lift kits also provide better driving visibility and help your truck accommodate bigger tires.

As the owner of a Chevrolet Silverado seeking the best lift kits, below are 10 of the best lift kits for your car. 

1. 3” Front Leveling Lift Kit

The 3” Front Leveling lift kit is a perfect fit for the Chevrolet Silverado. Its installation is super easy as it can be done in less than 2 hours and does not require special tools. The lift kit is made with a billet aluminum that is T6 treated. The 12.9-grade bolts have black anodized surfaces that make them resistant to corrosion. After installation, you can be certain the CNC designed to provide the right balance will look great on your Chevrolet Silverado. 

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2. Wheel Spacer Lift Kit

This Wheel Spacer lift kit model will raise the rear of your truck by 2” and the front by 3”. It is manufactured with high-grade aluminum billet and comes with hardened, heat-treated 10.9-grade bolts. The anodized surface makes it durable as it is resistant to corrosion. The aluminum material also makes it lighter to handle than other steel lift kits. Wheel Spacer lift kit puts the front and rear of your Chevrolet Silverado at the same level and provides extra clearance for bigger tires. It also improves the quality of your ride. With an easy bolt installation and direct manual, this lift kit can be installed in less than 2 hours.

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3. Rough Country Lift Kit

Rough Country is a brand known for making some of the best Chevrolet Silverado tools and this lift kit is no different. The lift kit protects your truck and improves its performance while keeping it stylish. The premium shock absorbers and increased ground clearance make driving off-road, especially when traveling, more bearable. 

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4. Supreme Suspension Lift Kit

Supreme Suspension Lift Kit includes upper strut spacers, lift tapered blocks, bottom strut spacers, U-bolts, installation hardware, axle alignment shims, and installation instructions. It lifts the front as high as 3.5” and the rear at 3”. While the Supreme Suspension lift kit takes between 3 to 5 hours to install, its strength and durability make it worth it. The lift kit increases ground clearance for bigger tires while improving the appearance of your car. Keep in mind, however, that the lift height to spacer thickness is not at a 1:1 ratio. 

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5. American Automotive Lift Kit

If you have a 1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado, then this American Automotive lift kit might just be the perfect choice for your car. The kit includes 2 steel spring spacers and an instruction manual. While installation may require spring compressors, the installation is relatively easy and does not take longer than 3 hours. The American Automotive lift kit is built to impress and is durable enough to outlast your truck. 

Available Here.

6. MZS Lift Kit 

Made for strength, the MZS Leveling lift kit is manufactured with anti-rust billet aluminum. The kit raises the front to 2” with a 1.34 thick spacer. It also increases your truck’s ground clearance, levels the front and rear end of your truck, and has a simple bolt installation. Installation time is between 1-2 hours which makes it one of the quickest brands to install.  

Available Here.

7. MotoFab Lift Kit

This MotoFab lift kit will lift your Chevrolet Silverado by 3 inches in the front and the rear by 2 inches. The installation process does not require disassembling like most kits and can be installed in less than 3 hours. The front spacers are made with billet aluminum and coated in black to match your truck perfectly. The rear comes with long U bolts and quality lift blocks. With hardware and a manual, you can have the spacers installed in no time. 

Available Here.

8. KSP 3” Lift Kit

If you own a 2007-2019 Chevrolet Silverado, you should consider getting this KSP lift kit for your truck. This lift kit will elevate your truck by 3 inches in front and can be aligned after installation. With a kit made from aluminum billet and 12.9-grade quality bolts, all coated in black, you can be certain your spacers will last for years. The kit also gives your Chevrolet an aggressive look while providing extra ground clearance. 

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9. SCITOO Lift Kit

This SCITOO lift kit model is designed to fit 2007-2018 Chevrolet Silverado. The lift kit raises the front of your truck by 3 inches and has a thickness of 2 inches. SCITOO lift kit is easy to install as it does not require coil disassembling. The installation can be done in less than 2 hours with the help of the installation manual. This leveling lift kit increases ground clearance as expected while enhancing the appearance of your Chevrolet. The strut spacers are made with powder-coated billet aluminum designed to suit your factory suspension and outlast your truck. 

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10. Maxracing Lift Kit 

The last lift kit on this list is the Maxracing lift kit made out of anodized black billet aluminum. The CNC is designed to match perfectly with your Chevrolet Silverado factory suspension. Maxracing kit helps raise the truck’s front by 2 inches with a 1 inch thickness. The kit features a straight forward bolt installation that does not require struts disassembling. It also works with any OEM control arms and retains factory ride quality. With an increased ground clearance and attractive look, Maxracing lift kit is a brand to consider. 

Available Here.  

Besides increasing ground clearance and protecting your truck, lift kits help provide easy access to your Chevrolet Silverado’s underbody for repairs and inspections. It also assists with towing, saving you time and energy. To enjoy all of these benefits and more, buy your truck a lift kit today!