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10 Best K-Type Thermocouples For Arduino

K-Type Thermocouples are a specific type of temperature sensor. A thermocouple utilizes two trips of different metallic materials and checks the amount emf induces between two points at different temperatures; the phenomenon is called Seebeck effect. These type of temperature sensors are the most accurate and robust, so they have a wide variety of uses. In this article, we cover some of best K-Type Thermocouples that you can use with your Arduino board. Let us know your preferred K-Type Thermocouples in the comments section below.

FORWARD MAX6675 (10.99$)

The sensor has a serial SPI output and a high impedance differential inputs. The module has an operating range between 3~5.5V and a working current of 50mA.

Available Here!

Qunqi MAX6675 Module + K Type Thermocouple Sensor for Arduino (12.99$)

Qunqi product has a temperature resolution of 0.25 degrees and even has cold junction compensation capabilities ensuring an accurate reading every time. The sensor works best at 5V.

Available Here!

Arduino MAX6675 K-thermocouple module temperature sensor (7.76$)

This sensor has a temperature range between -200–1300C with a working current of 50mA. The reliable sensor provides stable readings and keeps your project ticking.

Available Here!

MAX6675 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor Module by Balance World (8.99$)

The sensor has a low operating temperature range which is between -20 to 85 C but a high resolution of 0.05 C making it useful for precise measurements. The sensor operates between 3 to 5V.

Available Here!

Thermocouple Sensor for Arduino by GHH (10.99$)

The thermocouple sensor is accompanied by long connecting leads that extend almost 30 cm making it easier to place your circuitry away from any hazardous situations. In technical terms, the sensor can detect temperature as high as 1300 C.

Available Here!

MAX6675 K type Arduino thermocouple module temperature sensor by Capstone (11.33$)

This High-quality kit has a wide range of operating voltage that is between 2.5 to 6 V and can detect temperatures as high as 1500C. Weighing less than 2 pounds, the sensor has decent data acquisition circuitry that prevents any high-frequency fluctuations from passing through.

Available Here!

FICBOX 3. 0 ~ 5. 5V MAX6675 Module K-Type Thermocouples (11.99$)

This sensor is just like any other thermocouple, but the major plus point for this product is that it has embedded thermocouple break detection circuitry that can detect any faults in the connection. The mentioned property is vital as the sensor has connecting leads as longs as 50cm.

Available Here!

Arduino MAX6675 module + K-Type Thermocouples sensor by GAOHOU (51$)

The manufacturer ships this product from Japan and given Japan’s fine taste in electronics you can expect a high-quality product. The product has a temperature range between -200 C – 1300C.

Available Here!

Thermocouple Sensor For Arduino by Eacbid (5.61$)

Though by specification it looks like one of the same products as discussed before, but as per our experience, the sensor has far better quality build. Ofcourse you think what has build quality got to do with readings from the device but in reality, how your device performs is primarily based on construction quality of small peripherals such as connectors and leads. This device, in particular, has thick leads that are very well insulated making the readings devoid of an unnecessary fluctuations.

Available Here!

SainSmart MAX6675 Module K-Type Thermocouples (14.99$)

SainSmart is the ideal distributor for ordering DIY project accessories of any kind since they have such a large variety of devices. With this temperature sensor, they have yet again not disappointed, as the sensor’s temperature range is between -30 C to 1600 C, placing it in the highest bracket of industrial sensors. Together with its DAQ circuitry, this is the best thermocouple sensor for you to buy.

Available Here!

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