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10 Best Jump Ropes

Thanks to new HIIT routines and competitions, skipping is no longer relegated to kids or only regarded as a fun activity but a good way to tone abs and lose weight. With the competitions, you stand a chance of gaining global recognition by just skipping! 

Now, we all know that a skipping competition can’t take place without jump ropes. These lightweight equipment come in different sizes, colours and materials so it may be difficult picking out your perfect match in a sea of ropes. However, if you find the “one”, you would be well on your way to crushing your fitness goals. 

Who knows? The difference you’ve been waiting to see may just lie in a new jump rope.


This skipping rope ticks most,  if not all, the checkboxes for a perfect jump rope because it was crafted by an award-winning jumper. It possesses a dual-ball bearing that allows the rope revolve with minimal effort. The most impressive feature is its light weight despite its strong build. The handles can fit well in any palm-size and stay there even when the palms get sweaty as it is sheathed in a foam grip.

You also have the luxury of switching the cable to any of 6 different types and carrying them along in the storage bag that comes with the ropes. 

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WOD NATION has a penchant for producing durable jump ropes with sleek finishing and this rope is no exception. The handle features 4 bearings: two directly on the lightweight handle and the other two to clamp the cables at the edge of the handle. The cable which comes in a 10-foot length can be adjusted to suit your needs both indoors and outdoors. 

This rope is a go-to amongst athletes but you could crush your fitness goals with it even if you’re just a beginner. As a bonus, the rope comes with an extra cable which you may never use because of how tough both cables are. 

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As tough as this rope sounds, it is highly suitable for all jumpers; from amateurs to pro. Alongside its 10-foot cable, the ripe comes with an e-manual that can be downloaded and used a guide while working out. The steel cables are coated thereby making them less painful to the skin and tangle-free. 

The ropes are not only light, they are thin and compact allowing you to carry them in a small bag all day and sneak out at any time. You could also cut the cables if you feel they’re too long for you or temporarily adjust them around the handle. 

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If your goal is to lose weight over a defined period, then you may want to check this jump rope out. The small screen on the handle features a digital counter that displays calories burnt and time spent. It offers you the opportunity to time your jumps, keep track of how many calories you are losing and how many jumps you have made already. 

This way, you don’t have to set a timer on your phone or mentally calculate how many jumps you’ve done. The plastic handles are partly covered with bumps to keep your palms from slipping when they get sweaty. 

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DYNAPRO recognises the difficulty some jumpers face when trying to diversify their jumps so they designed a jump rope with long aluminium handles partially covered in PVC bands to give you all the freedom you need. The ropes come in different weights with the lightest weighing no more than 4 pounds.

Like every high-quality jump rope, the cables on the rope can also be adjusted and if by any jeans, you are not satisfied with the ropes, DYNAPRO offers you a money-back guarantee valid within the first year. 

Available here.


We talked about the Surge 2.0 ticking almost all the boxes but this one does so without any reservations. It features a dual-ball bearing mechanism which is similar to the 2.0 but is redesigned to allow you clock up to 7 jumps in one second. Impressive isn’t it? 

On the handle is a screw adapted for adjusting the length of the speed cable. The handle itself is made from aluminium and is sheathed in foam to aid the jumper’s grip. 

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As the name suggests, this jump rope flaunts a truly lightweight structure which makes it the best option for travelling and all outdoor events. The handles are made from polymer plastic which is highly durable and requires no foam grip. The cables are made from steel but with a little extra weight which makes them less swift than most cables. This feature makes the ropes a better option for amateurs up to intermediate level. However, the ropes would serve anyone from beginner to pro. 

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Again, an Elite Jump Rope finds its way to our top 10. This jump rope is perhaps, the lightest of the Elite tribe and as such, requires a little more care. The cables are made from bare steel like the rest of its Elite counterparts but are thinner in comparison to the others.

The cables move swiftly through the ball bearings allowing you to achieve your goals faster than many regular ropes. 

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These ropes are highly recommended for beginners and anyone with a fear of being hurt by the ropes. It possesses two 8-inch handles which are slightly longer than regular jump ropes and are better suited for beginners as they give you more room to diversify. 

The slender handles are made from polymer plastic and covered with grip tapes to boost the jumper’s grip. 

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These ropes may not look stylish but they sure do serve the purpose for which every jump rope was designed. The handles, stretching up to 5.5-inch, are made from aluminium and finished off with knurl grips to allow for ease. The top of each handle features a screwing technique that allows for self-adjustment of the cables.

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Doe to the quality of materials used, jumpers are assured a lifetime guarantee when they purchase a Bullet Comp Jump Rope.