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10 Best Hoverboards For Kids

Kids everywhere are going crazy for Hoverboards, and so it is likely that manufacturers made some individual adjustments for kids. When buying this for a child, be mindful of the weight and the tire size, normally 4.5″ tires are the smallest & are for kids age 8-13 years old. With these criteria’s in mind, you can give our list a read before buying one.

10. 16.5 Inch Self Balancing Scooter by Joel(1494$)

On any other category list about hoverboards this might have been our number one, but since the list is about kids, this does not get many points. For starters, it is big and heavy which makes it hard to balance. Additionally, it can reach high speeds which is not suitable for beginners.

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9. HVRX Intelligent Personal Mobility Device(701$)

A new hoverboard in the market that is quickly making a name for itself. The hoverboard does not travel very fast, at max reaching 9km/hr and since it is fitted with multiple sensors, the scooter is easy to control

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8. HoveTech Hoverboard (399$)

This self-balancing scooter can run for 6 hours straight. The hoverboard max speed of 14km/h and can climb inclinations as high as 15 degrees depending on weight.

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7. Razor-Hovertrax (599.9$)

One of the most reliable hoverboards available on amazon.com. Since the scooter does not accelerate rapidly, it gives you time to balance your self. Razor Hovertrax has a top speed of just under 10km/hr; additionally, it can also cover a radius of 10km.

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6. Powerboard Hoverboard(299.79$)

A reliable no nonsense hoverboard. Available in many different colors to better match your taste. The scooter also features LED headlights to ride at night.

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5. Sharper Image Hoverboard (399.99$)

Shar Image hoverboards have bright LED headlights which makes riding at night much safer. The hoverboard has comparatively small wheels and can corner at zero degrees.

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4. Swagway X1(499.9$)

The hoverboard can reach speeds of nearly 25km/h, but over ten sensors make controlling the machine a breeze. It is always a danger that kids might damage a product, so this manufacturer also offers a one year extended warranty.

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3. Eocor Electric 2 Wheel Self-balancing Scooter(734.90$)

The unique stand on this hoverboard does not only make this scooter easy to carry but also to balance yourself if you are a beginner. The board does not go over 10km/h and can also be controlled with a smartphone.

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2. Leray Hoverboard (499.99$)

Leray is one of the most popular brands to sell hoverboards on amazon.com. This model can sustain weights below 100kg and has a safe speed of 11km/h. The board takes less than 90 minutes to charge complete and then can run for 15km.

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1. Hovertrax by Inventist(358$)

The most lightest hoverboard present on amazon.com. Though it can reach high speeds but its reliability and powerful braking system give the user complete control. These hoverboards so far have the least failure rate so according to our analysis these hoverboards are the best for kids.

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