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10 Best Earphones For Samsung Galaxy A7

Congratulations on purchasing Samsung Galaxy A7. We hope you have already purchased a good cover for your latest investment. If you haven’t already, then check out  10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy A7 2017. Here’s a list of 10 best earphones for Samsung Galaxy A7. Why? Because music is the food for the soul and well, we love gadgets!

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Earphone Aluminum Wired Noise Isolation [$3.37]

These earphones for Samsung Galaxy A7 feature an on/off button that enables users to answer or end calls. The earphones feature earbuds that are comfortable and provide an ergo-fit. You can listen to music or be on the call without worrying about the surrounding noise, thanks to these earbuds. These earbuds are color-coded and offer a personalized fit in the ear canal, thus delivering superb quality sound.

Available here.

BargainPort Universal Handsfree 3.5mm Audio Super Bass earphones for Samsung Galaxy A7 [$7.75]

You’re looking at an over-the-ear earphone design with boom microphone. The flexible ear hooks are a treat to your ears. The in-ear earpieces help in isolating the user from surrounding noise, thus creating a good sound quality while being comfortable and lightweight. These earphones offer a drive of 10 mm with a sensitivity of 105 dB+/-.

Available here.

Simptech Sports Headphones Earbuds With Microphone [$14.98]

This pair provides high-quality sound while ensuring that you are served with deep bass. The ergonomic design ensures that the earphones are a snug fit while being comfortable to use and lightweight. You can use these earphones while working out or running. The earphones also feature a built-in 9.2 mm high-level drive unit that delivers Hi-Fi sound to the user while filtering out the ambient noise. It comes with a featured microphone and users are capable of answering or ending a call with remote.

Available here.

ROVKING Over-Ear In-Ear Noise Isolating Sweat-proof Sports Headphones [$14.99]

These earphones for Samsung Galaxy A7 are designed for small ears with an over-the-ear design. You can use them without stretching your ear and ultimately causing discomfort. The bonus is that these earphones remain in place even during workout sessions or running. The earphones come in four earpiece sizes to ensure a custom and snug fit, thus sealing the ear to deliver bass while dampening the background noise. The featured in-line button can be used for taking or ending a call. It can also be used for controlling the music player of your device.

Available here.

Super Bass 3.5 mm Stereo Earphone w/Mic & Volume Control [$9.95]

You’ll be getting a super bass with high fidelity if you opt for these earbuds. They come with an integrated mic and a volume control that lets you take control of the phone’s features like taking or ending calls, playing or pausing music, and for skimming through the playlist. The flat wire is anti-tangle and enhances portability. The slide-in earbuds help with noise isolation.

Available here.

iKross In-Ear 3.5mm Noise-Isolation Stereo earphones for Samsung Galaxy A7 [$11.99]

What you’re looking at are iKross stereo earphones for Samsung Galaxy A7 that feature a tangle-free cable. They come with an integrated mic and a noise reduction technology. The gold-plated 3.5 mm adapter ensures that a superior sound quality is being delivered to the user. The package includes three pairs of soft gel earpieces in different sizes to ensure a custom fit. The cord-mounted button lets you hang and take calls easily while keeping your hands free.

Available here.

Earphone, iRAG® RLaB CXT100 Premium Earbud with Microphone [$8.99]

You’ll be getting binaural earphones with the ear-bud form factor. The sound quality is excellent and super clear. The multi-functional button enables users to take control of their device’s features; take or end a call, play or pause music, and skim through the playlist. It features a bell-design with natural simplicity and offers a comfortable hearing experience.

Available here.

Noot Premium Earphones with Mic Stereo [$8.99]

These earphones have the classic earbud design and offer a 24-month hassle-free warranty while giving easy-to-reach customer services. The cable cord is 4’ long and features an integrated remote control and microphone. You can use the remote control for taking or ending a call, playing or pausing music, and for skimming through your playlist along with other features of your device.

Available here.

Premium Heavy Bass Metal Noise-Isolate 3.5mm Stereo earphones for Samsung Galaxy A7 [$14.95]

You’re looking at HD stereo sound earphones that come with precise bass to enhance your listening experience. These are metallic earphones with super lightweight in-ear buds that guarantee a snug fit while being comfortable. Thanks to the earbuds, you get to enjoy sound without external intervention. The flat cable is tangle-free, and the earphones are capable with other devices that support the 3.5 mm port.

Available here.

Uiisii Us90 Best Wired In-Ear Earbud Headphones with Mic & Remote Control [$9.99]

You’ll get earphones that are capable of delivering authentic and deep bass along with clear sound. It comes with integrated remote volume control and microphone that makes it convenient for the users. The comfortable in-ear design is stylish while being practical. It helps with noise reduction and doesn’t cause any discomfort even when used for a longer span of time. The cable is lightweight and tangle-free, thus enhancing the portability of the earphones. It comes with a 6-month warranty.

Available here.

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