10 Best Earphones For Oppo F3

Congratulations on getting Oppo F3. Firstly, we commend you on buying a phone other than Samsung or Apple. Secondly, this is a great phone that comes with a lot of features. Check out our 10 Best Cases For Oppo F3 to purchase the right case for your recently bought phone. What follows is a list of 10 best earphones for Oppo F3. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

Ailihen X2 Sports Earbuds In-Ear Sweat Resistant earphones for Oppo F3 [$12.99]

The pair is ergonomically designed and can conform to different ear canals and avoids nerve rich areas of the ear. The earbuds feature an over-the-ear design in conjunction with in-ear design. This design approach ensures that the earphones remain secure even when the user is moving around like jogging. The earphones are sweat resistant and come with an integrated microphone and a call control button that imparts control to the user.

Available Here

In-Ear Earbuds w/Mic Stereo & Volume Control Noise-isolating earphones for Oppo F3 [$9.99]

Say hello to the interference-reduction technology that is featured in the in-built microphone that is capable of delivering sound with clarity. The volume control button allows the user to adjust volume without taking out the phone. The earphones feature an all-metal sound chamber with movable piston design. The new dual-damping system is capable of dispersing the reflected sound waves, and thus reduces their effects on the diaphragm for high-quality audio. The Kevlar fibers inside the cable are capable of reducing tangles and resist breakage while enhancing the durability of the pair.

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Earbuds In-ear Earphones with Mic Noise Isolating Heavy Deep Bass [$6.99]

These earphones come with a gold-plated 3.5 mm jack that results in a no-loss sound connection that is capable of delivering HD stereo sound. The integrated microphone enables users to carry out hands-free capabilities. You can use the remote control button to answer or end the calls.

Available Here

Dislot Wired Earphones In-ear Headphones w/Mic [$14.98]

The earphones come with an in-ear design that offers enriched bass and energetic sound. It features a patented ergonomic earpiece design and is certified IPX5 sweat-proof. The integrated microphone and multi-functional control enable users to take or end calls, fast forward and rewind music, and play or pause music. The featured cable has a length of 1.3 meters.

Available Here

UiiSii T8 In-ear Earbuds Headphones Dual Dynamic Drivers Earphones w/Mic [$26.99]

This pair comes with the dual dynamic drivers that are capable of pumping out some deep bass along with soaring highs. The exclusive technology ensures to deliver crisp and clear audio. The oblique-angled in-ear design of the earphones ensures that they are capable of isolating noise while providing a secure fit. It comes with a volume control button and a mic. You can easily adjust the volume and use the button to take or end calls, play or pause music, and to skim through the playlist. The earbuds feature an ergonomic design and conform to your ear canals, thus causing no discomfort even when used for a longer span of time. The package includes 6 different sizes of earbuds that ensure a custom, comfortable, and secure fit.

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G-CORD (TM) In-Ear Wired Stereo Sound Earphones with Mic [$9.99]

This pair offers high-resolution audio along with rich and powerful bass. They feature a 3.5 mm jack that renders the pair compatible with some devices other than Oppo F3 as well. The earbuds are hybrid-built using silicone. Thanks to the integrated mic and remote, users can carry out hands-free calls without worrying about anything.

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Q-YEE Wired In-Ear Earbud Headphones w/Mic & Remote Control [$9.90]

Thanks to the built-in mic, users are capable of answering the incoming call or ending the ongoing call. Users can also use this button for playing or pausing music and for skimming through music playlist. The package includes three different sizes of earbuds that ensure a custom, comfortable, and secure fit. The in-ear design ensures that the background noise is kept at bay while the user enjoys a crisp and clear audio.

Available Here

SYCellular 3.5MM Wired Earphones with Carry case [$12.99]

Say hello to your gym buddies. These earphones feature a multi-functional remote that can be used for playing or pausing music, answering or ending the call, and for skimming through music playlist. The earphones come with noise cancellation technology, and the built-in microphone can be used for hands-free calls.

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Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Headphone, Black [$12.23]

Panasonic is a name that everyone is familiar with. These earphones feature an ergonomic fit and are capable of conforming to your ears right away. The pair is available in 8 different colors. The earphones are capable of delivering a wider frequency response for enhanced listening enjoyment. The featured cord is 3.6 feet long.

Available Here

C&C Products HUAWEI AM115 HIFI earphones for Oppo F3 w/Mic And Remote [$25.75]

Here’s the last entry of the list. These earphones for Oppo F3 come with an integrated remote and mic. You’re looking at earphones that are compatible with other smartphones as well. The pair delivers HD sound quality and is capable of enhancing the listening experience.

Available Here.

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