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10 Best Earphones for Oppo F1s

So you decided to get a phone from a company other than Apple and Samsung? Good for you! It is about time folks realize that there are companies out there that provide much better value for your money as compared to technology titans. Safety first dear readers, check out the 10 best cases for Oppo F1s and then dive into this list for 10 best Oppo F1s earphones. Why? Because having an ultra-listening experience makes all the difference in the world.

In-Ear High Definition Earbuds w/ Remote Control & Mic [$12.99]

You are looking at a pair that is super lightweight and features an in-ear design with amazing sound quality. They are compatible with all devices that feature a 3.5mm headphones port. The ear adapters are in different sizes so that you can select the one that fits your ear canal perfectly and carries out ambient noise attenuation. The earphones feature an integrated button that acts as remote control for taking or ending call and for skimming through the playlist. The nylon cable is flexible and 1.2 meters in length.

Available here.

Kinbashi Noise Isolating Earbuds w/ Mic and Remote [$12.99]

This pair is lightweight and delivers natural, clear and enhanced bass sound while being compatible with devices that feature a 3.5mm port. The in-ear design is quite comfortable while sporting 3 different sized ear buds to allow for a custom and better fit, thus helping with reducing the background noise and insulating against it. The earphones feature a remote control that can be used for playing or pausing music, taking or ending calls and for skimming through the playlist. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Available here.

C&C Products HUAWEI AM115 HIFI Earphone [$25.75]

Get ready for sound experience that will leave you dazed. This pair of earphones come with an integrated mic and remote control that can be used for skimming through your playlist or for taking a call and ending it conveniently. It can also be used for playing or pausing music.

Available here.

YIFAFESU Evolution Separating In-Ear Headphones [$16.59]

These earphones makes use of magnetic neodymium iron boron magnets drive unit that is further enhanced with dynamic driver system and 10mm custom permanent magnet moving coil unit. They are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to use. The nozzle angle has been optimized to ensure that no discomfort is caused even when using them for a longer span of time. The cable wire is of high quality and minimal loss takes place thus providing the user with exceptional results. The earbuds are also noise isolating and dampen the external noise while letting you focus on the sound in your ear only. Users are given even more control with the integrated control button that lets them take or end call, skim through playlist and to play or pause music.

Available here.

BargainPort 3.5mm Audio Earphone [$6.15]

These earphones come with a 3.5mm jack and soft gel earbuds that help with noise isolation and to reduce the background noise. It features integrated microphone and on/off button that lets users end or take a call, play or pause music and to skim through playlist. Owing to the built-in mic, users are able to take call anytime and anywhere without having to plug out the earphones.

Available here.

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BargainPort Universal Handsfree 3.5mm Audio Super Bass [$7.75]

These earphones feature an over-the-ear design and come with a boom microphone. The ear hooks are flexible. The in-ear design helps isolate the user from surrounding noise. The earbuds are comfortable and compact and help with noise isolation while being lightweight. The earphones have a drive of 10mm and deliver amazing sound quality.

Available here.

White 3.5mm In Ear Earphones [$9.95]

You’re looking at a pair with a long cable that comes with soft ear gel for your comfort. The earbuds also help in dampening the background noise and isolating the user from surrounding noise. It features a noise cancelling microphone and comes in white color.

Available here.

Oppo F1S Earphone Aluminum Wired Noise Isolation Stereo [$3.37]

This pair can be used for answering and ending calls, listening to music and for skimming through the playlist. The earphones feature ear buds that are comfortable to use even for a longer span of time. They also help in noise isolation and with dampening of background noise. The earbuds are color coded while sporting a glossy and stylish finish. Owing to its amazing fit, you get to experience superb sound quality.

Available here.

Premium 3.5mm Aluminum In Ear Headphones [$4.72]

Another great option, these earphones have been created using durable aluminium material and feature a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz. They come with an integrated mic and on/off button. The cable is 1.2 meters in length. The earphones are comfortable to use and deliver superb sound quality while being your perfect companion in the gym and office.

Available here.

NoiseHush NX80 Earphones Premium Bass Stereo [$12.97]

These earphones work with all devices that feature a 3.5mm port, this means you can use the same pair with your laptop and Oppo F1s. They feature noise isolation technology that blocks the distracting surrounding noise from your ears while letting you enjoy HD sound. The gold plated connector along with 9mm neodymium drivers ensure that you get to experience HD sound with rich bass. The earphones feature an integrated noise cancelling mic that is capable of blocking the ambient noise from mic thus letting your conversations become more clear and crisp. The package includes three different sized earbuds for maximum comfort, custom fit and noise isolation. The flat cable is tangle free, thus enhancing the portability of these earphones. You get two years of warranty with these earphones. The unit is one of the best Oppo F1s earphones that is hard to resist.

Available here.