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10 Best Earphones For Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Which of these best earphones for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge matched your style?

Congratulations on the purchase of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. It is quite a spectacular phone that has a myriad of functions. Have you bought a case for it yet? Check out our guide for 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Also check out the following list of 10 best earphones for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We believe that investing in a good earphone is an investment that everyone who owns a smartphone should make.

Heavy Bass 3.5mm Stereo Earbuds w/ Mic + MND Stylus [$14.95]

These earphones offer precise bass with high definition stereo sound. The metal earphones feature super lightweight in-ear buds that allow for a custom and comfortable fit. The earphones feature noise isolation that helps with reducing the external sounds. The flat cable is tangle free and that’s a big plus.

Available here 

Samsung OEM Wired 3.5mm Headset [$6.99]

A very basic earphone for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It has an in-ear design that allows for a snug fit, which is comfortable and helps ensure minimum sound loss while cancelling out external sounds. It comes with a 3.5mm jack.

Available here

Earphones, Ztent Wired Earbuds Headphones Microphone with Remote [$10.99]

These earphones operate within the scientifically proven range of frequency response curve thus achieving the audio clarity that makes all the difference while protecting your ears. They feature an ergonomic design that is comfortable. This design ensures that sound is being delivered while securing a proper fit. The oblique angled ear fittings are a match for your ear canals and thus, less likely to fall out. The in-line remote control allows users to control volume, select songs and even take or end calls.

Available here 

OEM Samsung Active In-Ear Headset 3.5mm Universal [$19.99]

The earphones feature a flat cable that is tangle free whereas the earphones itself are lightweight and quite comfortable to use. The in-ear design ensures that the external noise is minimized while bringing to you a great listening experience. The earphones feature a volume button along with on/off button.

Available here

Moow In Ear Headphones with Microphone [$8.49]

These earphones feature the CVC version 6.0 noise cancellation technology which promises HI-FI stereo sound quality. Users enjoy steady signal and a loss-less signal. The in-ear design allows for optimized performance by reducing the external noise to a bare minimum. Thanks to this design, you can also enjoy the dynamic deep bass and a crisp and powerful sound. You can talk to your phone or use it for calls anywhere, thanks to the microphone that has been incorporated into the earphones.

Available here 

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Premium Sound Retractable White Headset Earphones Dual Earbuds Mic [$11.99]

With these earphones, you’ll be getting premium sound quality. It enables users to talk and listen to music without keeping their hands occupied whereas the in-ear design allows for improved noise isolation. It features a retractable cable that is compact with amazing bass response and a tangle-free design. The in-line microphone is contained in ABS housing and the plug has been gold plated to ensure maximum protection and to avoid signal loss.

Available here 

Timkyo 2017 New 3.5mm Stereo Noise Isolating In-Ear Earbuds [$13.99]

The earphones feature the CVC version 6.0 noise cancellation technology. They are comfortable and have a premium metal in-ear design that allows for high performance. The sound quality is amazing with the dynamic deep bass. They can be used for a longer span of time without worrying about discomfort. They are able to insulate the background noise thanks to the earbuds and their design. This pair features a microphone with one button that lets you take call and end it while also imparting control over the music player of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Because of the in-ear design, you can wear these earphones for a longer period of time. They fit perfectly and won’t wear off easily so you can also use them while working out.

Available here 

Fosmon Headphone 3.5mm In-Ear Headset with Mic [$6.99]

This pair will provide you with amazing bass response and superior sound quality. The inline microphone enables users to make hands free calls. You can take calls on the go or while working out even. The package includes 3 pairs of earphones in white color. This is a decent buy in the economical range that will get the job done.

Available here 

Samsung HS130 Wired Stereo Earbud W/In-Line Multi-Function [$14.00]

You get superior sound quality with these earphones and a SD card reader comes as part of the package (yayy). The earphones are compact, lightweight and feature an in-line multi-function remote with a built-in microphone. The multi-function button can be used for answering phone or to hang up calls. Users can also adjust volume and skim through tracks they are listening to. The cable is tangle resistant and quite durable. It come with ear gels in different sizes to ensure a custom, secure and comfortable fit.

Available here 

Headset Samsung 3.5mm Handsfree Earphones w Mic Dual Earbuds [$9.99]

This pair offers bass with crystal clear sound and are ideal for hands-free operations. The one touch button can be used for answering and ending calls whereas the in-line microphone with the volume control can be used for controlling the music player and to record voice memos. It features a standard 3.5mm jack. It comes with noise-isolating soft ear-gels that make the use of earphones comfortable while helping with the background noise reduction.

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