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10 Best Earphones For Samsung Galaxy A5

Which Samsung Galaxy A5 Earphones is the best for your phone?

Hello there, congratulations on purchasing Samsung Galaxy A5. Is it everything you hoped it would be? We wish it is so. Do check out our list of 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy A5 before you dive into this list of 10 best Samsung Galaxy A5 Earphones.

Premium Heavy Bass Metal Noise-Isolate 3.5mm Stereo Earbuds [$14.95]

What you are looking at are HD stereo earphones that come with precise bass to impart a sound experience unlike any you have ever had before. These are metal earphones that feature lightweight in-ear buds which allow for a snug fit. It comes with noise isolation which ensures that external intervention is at a minimum. The flat cable is tangle free, in case you’re wondering.

Available here.

Dairle MIC Earphones with Deep Bass Sound and Smart Controller (Yellow) [$9.99]

If you purchase this earphone, you’ll get 30% off on an Android cable (details can be seen on the Amazon link). These come with a multi-function remote that features a built-in mic that carries out the answer/end, volume control and track advance tasks. These earphones can be used for conversing while working or exercising. The materials used are super light and the cable is tangle-resistant. All in all, a decent investment if you ask us.

Available here.

iKross In-Ear 3.5mm Noise-Isolation Stereo Earbuds [$11.99]

These earphones come equipped with built-in microphone and a tangle free cord. The microphone incorporates noise reduction technology. The premium gold plated 3.5mm adapter ensures superior sound quality. The earphones also feature a flat cable that is tangle resistant. The package includes three pairs of soft gel earpieces in varying sizes to allow for a custom fit. The cord mounted on/off button allows you to accept incoming calls and also hang up with ease.

Available here.

E181 Premium Earbuds Stereo Headphones and Noise Isolating [$10.99]

Welcome to a company that cares about it customers. You get easy to reach customer service along with a 24-month hassle-free warranty. The cable cord is 4 feet in length and features a built-in remote control and microphone. User can play/pause music, forward and rewind tracks, take and end calls and also record voice memos. The package includes 3 different earbud sizes for a custom fit and one pair of earphones.

Available here.

E&jing Magnetic Wired Earbuds Volume Control Noise Cancelling Stereo HiFi [$12.99]

These earphones feature stereo bass and noise isolating properties. The 10mm dynamic drivers along with powerful components provide for a deep bass, clear midrange and soaring highs. The in-ear design will make sure that the music remains sealed in and the external noise is kept out. The earphones feature a built-in microphone that allows for convenient hands-free calling. The earphones are ergonomically designed and remain in place comfortably, thus enabling the user to carry out the task at hand without worrying about earphones falling off. The company provides 12-month warranty to its customers.

Available here.

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Noot Earphones With Microphone E307 [$10.99]

These earphones are 4 feet long and offer a 24-month hassle-free warranty. The company provides easy to reach customer service and the cable cord features built-in remote control and microphone. You can use the remote control for playing or pausing music and also for taking or ending calls. The package includes one pair of earphones and earbud pieces of different sizes to allow for a custom fit.

Available here.

Earphone, iRAG® RLaB CXT100 Premium Earbud [$8.99]

These earphones are binaural and feature earbud form factor. They provide amazing sound quality and can deliver crisp clear sound. The earphones feature multifunction control that can be used for answering call, ending call, next track, previous track, pause and play music. The earphones feature a bell design and a natural simplicity while offering a comfortable hearing experience.

Available here.

Noot Products E302 In-Ear Earbud with Volume Control [$5.99]

These earphones come with a 24-month warranty that is hassle-free. The featured cable has a length of 4 feet and has a built-in remote control and microphone along with volume control. The package includes a pair of earphones along with 3 different sized earbud pieces to allow for a custom fit.

Available here.

Noot Premium Earphones with Mic Stereo [$8.99]

What you are looking at is a classic earbud design that comes with a 24-month hassle-free warranty. The cable is over a meter long and features a built-in remote control and a microphone. User is capable of fast forwarding or rewinding music while also being able to take call and to end it.

Available here.

E609 Premium Earbuds Stereo Headphones Volume Control & Noise Isolating [$10.00]

These earphones feature a microphone and a built-in remote control that enables user to attend and hang up a call. It can also be used for playing or pausing music. Other than that, it can be used for fast forwarding or rewinding music tracks. The sound quality is decent but what we like the most about these earphones is that you can carry on with your tasks without having to take out your smartphone from your pocket to do mundane tasks. This unit is right to be one of the best Samsung Galaxy A5 Earphones.

Available here.