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10 Best Earphones for LG G6

Congratulations on purchasing the LG G6. It truly is a great phone with amazing specs and features. Have you already purchased a case for this phone? If not, check out the 10 best cases for LG G6. What follows is a list of 10 best earphones for LG G6. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

iKross In-Ear 3.5mm Noise-Isolation Stereo Earphones w/Mic [$11.99]

The earphones comes with an integrated microphone and sports a cable that is tangle free thus enhancing its portability. Owing to its in-ear design, the earphone is capable of suppressing the surrounding noise while the featured microphone uses noise reduction technology for transmitting crisp audio. The gold plated 3.5mm adapter ensures that no signal loss takes place. The package includes three pairs of soft gel earpieces in different sizes to allow for a custom, comfortable and secure fit. The cord mounted button lets you take and end up calls with ease.

Available here

Insten Premium Earphones Mic Stereo [$5.39]

A rather low-prices pair but comes with an integrated microphone and enables users to carry out hands-free calls. The cord mounted button lets you take calls and end them with convenience whereas the sound quality being offered is excellent. You get super clear sound with these earphones that feature a longer left side cable length so that it can go around the neck.

Available here

LG G6 Compatible Earphones Mic Dual Earbuds [$7.99]

This pair is lightweight and comfortable to use. It features an integrated microphone that sports noise reduction thus ensuring that the transmitted sound has minimal distortion and carries minimal ambient noise. It also features a button that can be used for answering or ending calls. It offers super bass rich sound and comes with a 3.5mm headset jack that makes it compatible with your laptop and other devices as well.

Available here

LG G6 Compatible Earphones Microphone [$9.99]

These earphones are capable of performing in the high end with their metal stereo earbuds and the integrated microphone can be used for hands-free calls. The cord mounted button can be used for answering or ending calls. The in-ear design makes for better sound insulation and enhances the listening experience. It features an ergonomic design that is comfortable to use even for longer spans of time and comes with two pair of silicone ear fittings.

Available here

Headset Samsung 3.5mm Earphones w/Mic [$8.99]

These are Samsung earphones but work with LG G6. You get to enjoy the crystal clear sound with precise bass. These earphones are ideal for private hands-free call thanks to the integrated microphone. The built-in volume control and the on/off button allow the user to take control of their LG G6. You can adjust the volume, answer or end calls, play or pause music and skim through your playlist. The earphones feature soft ear-gels that work actively for noise isolation and reduce the background noise, thus ensuring that you enjoy the sound that is being delivered via the earphones.

Available here

Fosmon (3 Pack) Headphone 3.5mm In-Ear Headset w/Mic [$6.99]

These earphones feature an in-ear design that is known for its capability of suppressing the surrounding noise and enhancing the listening experience. The pair is capable of delivering excellent sound quality with precise bass response. The integrated microphone enables user to carry out hands-free operations. It comes in white color and is compatible with a number of devices that support the 3.5mm jack.

Available here

Earphones With Microphone E609 Premium Earbuds [$10.00]

You’re looking at a company that takes pride in its easily accessible customer service and offers a hassle free warranty of 24 months. The featured cable cord is 4’ in length and comes with an integrated remote control and a microphone. Users are capable of answering and hanging up calls, playing or pausing music, going through their playlist and for adjusting the volume. The package also includes 3 different sized earbuds for a custom, secure and comfortable fit.

Available here

LG G6 Compatible Hi-Fi Sound Earphones [$11.99]

With these earphones, you’re signing up for high-end performance and an in-ear design that suppresses the surrounding noise while enhancing the listening experience. They come with a gold plated 3.5mm connector that ensures that no signal is lost in the connection. The bass response of these earphones is amazing. You can carry out hands-free operation thanks to the in-line microphone and the on/off switch. The design is ergonomic with a sleek look and is comfortable to use. It features a rugged construction thus offers great durability.

Available here

Teleson MK901 Wired Metal Earphones Balanced Bass Stereo [$13.99]

These earphones are designed especially for listening to music and offer a balanced sound with crisp notes. The cable is 1.2 meters in length and has been crafted using practical and enhanced material whereas the metal case has been created from TPE cable thus making it more durable. It offers a contoured and rounded shape to allow for a comfortable fit that poses no threat to the user. The built-in microphone can be used for carrying out hands-free calls. The integrated multi-function button can be used for skimming through the playlist, playing or pausing music and to answer or reject a call.

Available here

Simptech Sports Headphones Earbuds W/mic and Sweat proof [$14.98]

Get ready to enjoy crystal clear audio with deep and strong bass. The design is ergonomic and offers comfort to the user. The earphones are lightweight and offer a secure fit, thus being the natural choice for when you want to listen to music while working out. They feature a built-in 9.2mm high level drive unit that delivers you HI-FI sound while filtering the ambient noise. You can carry out hands-free calls and answer or end call easily with the in-line remote.

Available here

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