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10 Best Control Arms For Chevrolet Silverado

When changing parts of a car, efficiency and durability should come to play quite often. When they do not, you will find yourself right back where you started on the net, typing in the exact keywords you typed initially. 

Every part of a car, unless there is an accident, should have at least a year’s warranty, as the company’s way of telling you ‘this won’t go bad, and even if it does, we would take care of it’. 

The warranty is the company’s way of reaffirming the durability of the item you are purchasing. 

The Chevrolet Silverado is an awesome vehicle, with strong parts that do not wear out or break on time, especially when there was no external factor facilitating this damage.

If it ever gets to the point where you8 have to do a replacement for one of the parts of a Chevrolet, then it has to be as strong and durable as the part which came with the car. 

This is why this list of the 10 best Control Arms for Chevrolet Silverado has been made so that you can see specifics and make the choice of the be best control arm replacement for your vehicle.

 1. Rough Country Forged Upper Control Arms

This is made of strong steel, it is forged out of solid steel, so in this case, strength and durability is the main goal and from the look of things, this product as achieved it. It features POM joints to aid in an easy installation process and a wider motion range.

This product does not have a one year warranty, instead, the company is offering a Lifetime replacement if this ever goes bad, they are that sure of the durability of their product, you should be too.

You can get this here

2. KSP upper control arm

KSP has always been known to churn out only high-quality performance products, and their control arm would not be any different. 

It is constructed from a 1.25” DOM tubing, it is of really high quality, and it is built in a way that it can enhance driving performance.

The 1.25” DOM tubing the control arm is constructed from provides strength to the maximum and long term durability. 

You can get this here

3. Moog Chasis Products Control Arm 

This is built most solidly; the ball joint is solid and serviceable as well. Installation is pretty easy as well, as long as you follow the instructions in the manual. 

It is a very reliable part and would last for long. It comes with a one year warranty. 

You can get this here

4. MECHAPRO 2pcs Set Front Upper Control Arm 

Made with the latest technology and strong and durable materials. The makers of this product are community-growth inclined as the paint on the product is non-toxic and eco friendly. 

The joints are pre-greased, so you do not have to worry about greasing it again before or during installation. 

The greasing also helps in protecting the arms control from temperatures between -40 to 120 degrees This has gone through testing and inspections to prove its durability and corrosion resistance. 

You can get this here

5. Freedom Off-road Front Upper Control Arm 

First, this comes with a lifetime warranty, so the durability and strength should not be in question as it is obvious that this one was built to last. 

It features hardened rubber bushings which help in making driving a lot easier, and seamless. This is made with really solid materials, it is very effective and as long as you follow the instructions on the manual, the installation process is easy. 

You can get this here

6. Detroit Axle Upper Control Arm 

This is built with strong metals, has a 10-year warranty, is strong and very durable. This has a 10-year warranty, that is the company telling you that it was built to last and they mean it. 

However, if an issue arises, which may most likely not, you can always take it back to them, and this offer lasts for 10 years, let’s say you have your Chevrolet Silverado till then. 

You can get this here

7. Dlz Upper Control Arm 

This is made of solid metal, the surface is treated for anti-rust, and it is built to survive snow and salt if there ever be a chance where it is caught in both situations. This control arm is welded in a very precise manner to ensure extra protection and strength. It features a double layer cover to protect the joints from dust. 

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8. Doorman Front Right Lower Suspension Control Arm

This is an easy to install control arm. It is very durable, it is rust and corrosion-resistant. Everything about this product shows that it was built for the long-lasting and rigorous ride. You will not have to worry about wear and tear if you make use of this one. 

You can get this here

9. ReadyLift Tubular Upper Control Arm 

This is made from heavy-duty DOM steel, it features a self-lubricating, free-float and non-binding pivot bushings, these are all new features which are not yet a thing with other control arms. 

So, while this is a very strong and durable control arm, it is also a no-maintenance control arm. There would be little or no need for you to decouple and grease or fix-up. 

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10. Titaniarm Pair Front Left & Right Upper Control Arms

This will take you through any kind of road or weather situation. It was built to survive even the harshest conditions, and come out unscathed. 

Built with strong metal, this is built to last, so durability is something you should expect from this product. 

You can get this here

Buying a car part is not as easy as logging into your Amazon prime account to purchase one. It goes further than this, it means surveying the market for which one is good. Luckily for you, we have done the much-needed market survey and we have made a list of ten for you.