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10 Best Console Cover for Chevrolet Silverado

Most times, your kids or pets could have done a very odd job on your vehicle, especially your center console, or you might want to protect a new center console that you just got. Then getting a console cover is the best bet. These console cover provide extra protection and improved comfort for your vehicle center console. There are so many center consoles in the market that are offering console cover at a reasonable and comfortable price. The choice of which console would now be the best option for Chevrolet Silverado is now left to you, but this article will assist in choosing the best console cover for your vehicle.

Car Console Covers Plus

Car Console Covers Plus is designed to give comfort and protection to your vehicle’s console. To avoid wear and damage if your console by your kids or pets, it is advisable to put a console cover, as they are built to handle that very task. The Car Console cover is made from a washable fleece material to give your arm a comfortable feel while resting on them. It has a straightforward slip-on feature to ease installation. Available here

Seven Sparta

The Seven Sparta Universal Center Console Cover is just the right cover for all of your console covering issues.  Made from quality PU material for assured overall protection, the Seven Sparta is just the right fit for your Chevrolet Silverado, as it matches the color Chrome design of most Silverado interior.  The cover sports a double elastic band that rarely wears out and gives the durable console protection. It offers comfort to your arms as a backup for your vehicle’s armrest. Available here


The Dotesy Auto Center Console Cover Armrest Pads is designed in a one-fits-all style that would be compatible with all your center console needs. The leather PU material used in the production gives it a sturdy and long-lasting allure. Cleaning the center console should not be a problem, as the material is waterproof and very durable. The most center console would fit perfectly with the design of your Chevrolet Silverado, but the Dotesy cover is top-notch. Available here


Sheksu Center Console Cover is built with a Carbon Fiber Texture that gives vehicle owners the cool feeling of luxury. The Carbon Fiber material technology is developed to provide the user with the extra comfortable feel and protection for their center console. The hook and elastic band feature makes installation easy and does not need professional intervention. It can be used as a cover for an already disfigured center console. Available here


MOEBULB Center Console cover makes use of a flexible pad design for this build. The console cover gives the vehicle owner a solace against the heat that emanates from the leather of the console during the hot period as it is made from a soft fleece material, which is washable and durable. The MOEBULB Center Console cover has an elastic band design, which makes it easy for it to be worn onto the Center console during installation. Available here


The WINKA Center Console Cover is a washable and waterproof center console cover that would suit your Chevrolet Silverado perfectly. The console cover, which is made with the new PU leathering technology, can serve as an alternative console cushion pad due to its thickness and sturdiness, which eradicates discomfort in the arm. It comes in a one-color design and eliminates the effect of water spillage and odor. Available here.


The use of leather pads as console cover is the new rave among car users who want to give their vehicles a whole new look. The EEEKit Universal Center Console Leather Pad is just the right fit whenever you want to purchase a leather pad for your center console. It’s leather design material gives it a stylish look and combines the anti-slip feature to make it a buyer’s preferred choice. Waterproof and elegant are some of the other features the leather pad boast as its features. Your console size should be measured before you purchase, to get your fit. Available here 


Grosun Center Console provides buyers with a list of very nice features for your center console protection. Its leathery build is made from the long-lasting PU leather that provides thickness and comfort to your arms, especially while driving for a long time. It sports double elastic straps for installation and a firm grip. The leather pad is breathable and waterproof and matches perfectly with the ruggedness of your Chevrolet Silverado. Available here


LKXHarleya Car Center Console Cover is one of the best center console covers in the market. It’s pure black and tan threading are some of the stylish features of the leather pad. The design of the LKXHarleya Car Center Console Cover is so crafted in a way that doesn’t hinder access to the storage compartment of the console. It also has a memory foam pretty fitted into the leather pad for optimum comfort. The application requires the elastic straps to be tied behind the console. Available here 

Auto Console Covers

Auto Console Covers are designed explicitly to meeting the protection of the Chevrolet Silverado center console from scuff marks and dirt. This console cover is designed with a soft fleece material that is washable and waterproof in order to assure the protection of your center console. It can be used as a cover for pre-damaged center consoles with its full clothed design. It is made in the US and can be washed with a washing machine. Available here


There are several designs of covers for your Chevrolet Silverado center console, which would give your vehicle a much better outlook. Deciding on what design or material for your center console can be very tricky, but attention should be paid to making the right choice. A comprehensive list has been made above to aid the selection process for your Chevrolet Silverado console cover. So many material choices and designs are out there for you to select from, so have fun while choosing your preferred option.