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10 Best Clay Sculpting Kits For Professional Artists – 2019

Clay Sculpting is a well-known skill and an art form that most designers love to work on. From children to adults, clay art can take different forms of shapes and sizes, so to help you make clay sculptures, we have covered some of the best tool kits that can make your job easier. So check out this list of 10 best clay sculpting kits and let us know your favourite in the comments section.

BCP Pack of 10 Wooden Clay Shaping Carving Tool Set (7.99$)

The set has 10 pcs of wooden tools each with a length of 6 inches. The affordable set is perfect for beginners as it has comfortable contours for an easy grip.

Available Here!

Tinksky 5pcs Stainless Steel Wax Carver Clay Sculpting Tool Kit (8.80$)

The stainless steel tools much more durable than regular wooden ones. The three piece kit can be used with foam and wax as well, giving the user a lot of versatility.

Available Here!

Kobwa(TM) Stainless Wooden Handle Clay Pottery Sculpting Tool Kit (6.69$)

This set has 11 pieces and benefits the designers looking for detailed work. The set can be utilized in jewellery making and as well as for cleaning applications.

Available Here!

CUTEHILL Deluxe 26 Pieces Stainless Steel Art Tools Kit (27.99$)

A tool kit that is specifically designed for professional. With 26 pieces in the set, you get a wide range of options to make almost anything as some tools are made from bamboo while others are made from solid steel. The kit even comes with a clear 27 cm long bag for easy carrying.

Available Here!


Some of the tools in this eight piece set are Boxwood Potters Rib, Boxwood Modeling Tool, Ribbon Tool, Smoothing Sponge & a Needle Tool. One of the best value for money buys on our list.

Available Here!

Hawk 14 Piece Clay Tool Kit (12.99$)

This kit is accompanied by its own soft carrying case and has a combination of tools which are made from wood or metal. Since most of the tools are double sided, you can easily refine your work to the maximum.

Available Here!

Ceramic Clay Pottery Tools Sculpting Kit (11.99$)

The 14 piece kit is almost identical to the previous one but thanks to chrome finish on the metal pieces, they can last much longer than expected.

Available Here!

Comi Clay Sculpture Tools 14 Pcs Wooden Metal Pottery Sculpture Kit (16.95$)

An exquisite canvas case comes as a bonus with these light weight yet durable cases. Each of tools has an easy to grip soft vinyl handles that makes sculpting fun even for beginners.

Available Here!

Skilled Crafter Clay Tools Set – 38 Detailing, Sculpting, Modeling & Pottery Wheel Tools (28.99$)

The largest kit in terms of tools on our list as it has a staggering 38 tools. The tools are either maade in Giko wood or Aluminum coated with a special oxide layer thaat resist erosion due to moisture. The clay sculpting kits has almost everything you need and is rated as best New Release on Amazon

Available Here!

Sculpt Pro 15 Piece Deluxe Pottery and Sculpting Art Tool Set (13.99$)

Rated as the #1 Bestseller on Amazon, the kit has over 500 positive reviews and a consumer rating of 4.5/5 stars. The kit has 26 different tools out of which 15 are double sided. Surely the best clay sculpting tool in the market thanks to overall features and durability along with cost effectiveness.

Available Here!

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