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10 Best Charging Cables for Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is an amazing phone with some really cool and practical features. We can assure you, accidents are bound to happen and it pays off to protect it with an appropriate case. Check out our guide on 10 best cases for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 to help you pick out the right protection for your smartphone. What follows is a list of 10 best charging cables for Xiaomi Mi Max 2. The reason why you should invest in spare charging cables is simple; to ensure the longevity of your original charging cable and for ensuring that you always have charging cable readily available.

6Ft Hi-Speed Gold Plated Micro USB Data&Sync&Charging Cable [$7.99]

This package comes with a 6’ long cable that can be used for data transferring and charging of your smartphone. The cable features 24K gold plated connectors to ensure a loss-free connection and comes with a pull copper wire core. The cable also comes with a 6-month money back guarantee and a 1 year replacement warranty.

Available here 

USB Type C Cable 2  Pack 3.3Ft, FanTEK USB C to USB A [$9.88]

You can do quick charging and data transfer with this cable. The cable supports type-C gen-2 and USB A 3.0; capable of charging and syncing data simultaneously rapidly. The cable is highly durable and safe. It comes with a built-in identification resistor and high-quality PVC coating for making it sturdy enough to survive every day wear and tear. The cable features triple layers of protection to ensure optimum result; it has 3 layers of anti-interference films. The package comes with 2 units of 3.3’ long cables and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Available here

USB Type-C Car/DC Charger for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 [$14.99]

This particular package includes only one unit of Type C cable and a 3-port USB car charger adapter. You can use the cable in conjunction with the adapter or keep it as your travel companion. Our suggestion? Use the whole package as a charging solution to when you’re commuting. The cable can be used for transferring data and charging the phone simultaneously.

Available here

Elzo Quick Charge 2.0 18W USB Rapid Wall Charger [$9.99]

Now you can charge your smartphone 75% faster with this package. It comes with a compatible charging cable and a charger that features fast charging technology capable of identifying the device that is being charged and adjusting the output accordingly and safely. The cable can be used for charging and transferring of data simultaneously. The package offers the lifetime warranty and is an ideal travel companion.

Available here

USB Type C Cable 2 Pack 6.6Ft, FanTEK USB C to USB A [$11.88]

This pack features 2 units of 6.6’ long cables. Thanks to the length of these cables, you can now easily use your phone while it is being charged; keep one for your home and the other for your office. The cable is capable of charging and syncing data simultaneously at a high speed. It has been built with durability in mind and features 3 layers of anti-interference films thus ensuring a sturdy build with an amazing output. The cable comes with a lifetime warranty.

Available here

Krofel 3 Ft / 1m USB-C™ to Type A (USB-A) Charge and Sync Cable [$6.49]

This particular cable is a meter long and capable of charging your phone while data is being synced. The cable can provide a charging current of up to 3A with the original wall adapter or an equivalently good charger. The cable features corrosion-resistant conductors thus ensuring that the connection remains good throughout the life of the cable. The cable supports quick charging and comes with reduced resistance thus enabling quick charging and minimal heating up. The package comes with a 12-month hassle-free replacement warranty and an amazing customer service.

Available here

USB Type C Cable, CablePlux USB-C to USB 3.0 Braided Cord Charging Cables for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 [$10.98]

This cable, reportedly, lasts 8 times longer than any other conventional cable and will serve your phone quite well. The cable features a beautiful and elegant design and looks good on your table. The cable supports quick charge technology and comes with a built-in 56k ohm pull-up resistor. The cable complies with the USB 3.0 standards; offers a transfer speed of up to 5Gbps. The cable comes with a lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer service.

Available here

USB Type C Car Charger, Noot Products 3.3ft USB-C to A Charging Cables for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 [$12.99]

This is a short USB cable, 3’, that makes use of the 56k-ohm pull up resistor to allow for safe charging and data syncing. The reversible connector allows users to connect it without worrying about the orientation of the connector. The cable supports fast charging of the device with a maximum of 3A current and offers a transfer rate of up to 480Mbps. The package comes with a 2-year worry-free warranty.

Available here

[3 Pack] Krofel 3.3 Ft / 1m USB-C™ to Type A Charging Cables for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 [$12.99]

This is a meter-long cable – perfect for your car or as a travel companion. The cable features corrosion resistant connectors thus enhancing the durability of the cable. It is capable of charging while syncing data and supports a quick charge. The pack includes three units of the cable.

Available here

USB Wall Charger, Nekteck Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger Turbo [$13.99]

This charging cables for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 comes with an amazing charging cable. Using the combination, users can charge devices about 75% faster and get juice worth 8 hours from only 15 minutes of charging. The cable is compatible with quick charge adapters and can be used for rapid charging.

Available here

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