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10 Best Charging Cables for Motorola Moto G5S Plus

Congratulations on purchasing Motorola Moto G5S Plus, a phone with amazing features. Have you invested in a case already? If not, check out the 10 best cases for Motorola Moto G5S Plus. Trust us, accidents are bound to happen and you’ll be glad that you invested in protection for your newly acquired smartphone. What follows, however, is a list of 10 best charging cables for Motorola Moto G5S Plus. We recommend purchasing extra charging cables so that you don’t end up abusing the original charging cable. It is advisable to have separate charging cables for your office, home, and traveling. Check out the list below and let us know what you think of it.

15W MOTO G5S PLUS Car Charger Detachable Cable! [$16.77]

Looking for a speedy bust charging to juice up your smartphone’s battery while traveling? This particular kit with its amazing charging cable can provide you with juice worth 8 hrs for charging time of 15 minutes only. The kit outcompetes all conventional chargers by 75% and features an auto-detect IC technology that is capable of detecting the attached device and works according to the specifications. An amazing investment for your smartphone!

Available here

Quick Charge MOTO G5S PLUS 6ft/1.8M MicroUSB Cable [$15.77]

You’re looking at a professionally designed cable for Motorola Moto G5S Plus that features quick and fast charging technology. The cable also comes with high impact ABS housing and is flexible yet durable. It measures in at a length of 1.8M. The cable also has dual integrated digital charging automatic system that allows you to save battery life while cutting down on charging time. The cable can be stored easily and is highly portable owing to its pressure sealed tubing that acts as a heavy-duty shield.

Available here

Super Car Charger with BLUE LED and Heavy Duty 9ft Coiled Cord [$14.77]

First thing first; the cable is heavy duty and will serve your Moto G5S Plus for years to come. It features ABS high impact plastic that is impact and heat resistant. The ergonomic design makes the cable durable, unique, and long-lasting. The latest technology incorporated in this cable is its integrated digital charging that imparts precision and safety when it comes to fast charging. The cable is coiled and measures in at 9’ when fully stretched. The cable is airlessly sealed, and single copper shielded. Overall, this is a great choice for your smartphone.

Available here

Genuine 1A Compact Wall Charger Detachable High-Power Cable! [$12.77]

You’re looking at a wall charger kit that has been designed specifically for this smartphone. It offers a charging cable that features ABS high impact plastic that is impact and heat resistant. The ergonomic design makes the cable and charger durable and unique. The featured cable has a length of 3.3’, thus rendering a compromise between smartphone usability, charging, and portability.

Available here

Turbo Power 25W Wall Charging Kit with MicroUSB Charging Cables for Motorola Moto G5S Plus [$17.47]

Say hello to a rapid wall charger with a micro USB cable. The charger can be kept at home or taken to office depending upon the needs of the user. It features official Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 to speed up charging time by 75%. The cable measures in at a length of 1.3M. The kit comes with chips of high energy efficiency level VI of 25W.

Available here

Fast Quick Charging MOTO G5S PLUS 5ft/1.5M MicroUSB Data Charging Cables for Motorola Moto G5S Plus[$12.77]

The charging cables for Motorola Moto G5S Plus has been designed especially for Moto G5S Plus and features the quick and fast charging tech. The cable comes with ABS flexibility that makes it highly durable and charges rapidly, thus relieving the user from the stress of out-of-juice smartphone. Despite the shield and pressure sealed tubing, the cable is highly portable and can be stored easily without much hassle.

Available here

MOTO G5S PLUS Fast Charge MicroUSB Kit! [$17.47]

You’re looking at the official fast charge kit for the Moto G5S Plus with micro USB 2.0 cable. The kit comes with dual voltages; 9V and 5V. The kit ascertains those phones that support adaptive fast charging and provides the current accordingly. The cable allows users to charge a smartphone and sync data as well.

Available here

Turbo Power 25W Car Charger Long Hi-Power MicroUSB Cable! [$18.77]

Get ready to burst-charge your smartphone within 15 minutes. Use this car charger for just 15 minutes using the long hi-power micro USB cable, and you’re good to go for 8 hours. The cable along with the charger can outperform almost 75% of the conventional chargers. This cable can also be used for data syncing.

Available here

Tangle-Free Magnetic Ultra Portable Flat MicroUSB Charging Cables for Motorola Moto G5S Plus [$10.77]

A stylish and professional option that has been designed specifically for your smartphone. This particular charging cable remains compatible even when you have installed a case on your smartphone. It features gold tipped ends that use magnets to stick together for high portability. The cable is capable of carrying out high-speed charging while performing data transfer. The cable has a length of 3’ and allows users to use the phone easily while charging.

Available here

Turbo Power 15W Wall Charging Kit MicroUSB Cable! [$17.47]

The featured charging cables for Motorola Moto G5S Plus has a length of 3.3’ and works in conjunction with this quick charge 2.0 rapid home wall charger. The charger is capable of speeding up the charging time by 75% for the supported devices. The cable can be used for transferring data or charging the smartphone.

Available here

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