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10 Best Charging Cables for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

Congratulations on purchasing Samsung Galaxy J7 Max. It is an amazing phone with some mesmerizing specs. Have you already purchased a case for it? Take our word for it; accidents are bound to happen, and you will thank your decision of investing in a good case. Check out the 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max. What follows, however, is a list of 10 best charging cables for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max. Why do you need to invest in a charging cable? To avoid carrying around the original cable for charging your smartphone. It is a good idea to have spare charging cables for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max for your office and travel purposes. This ensures that the original charging cable undergoes minimal wear and tear while allowing you to have a good cable readily available to you.

Syrox Micro USB Cable Android, USB to Micro USB Charging Cables for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max [$18.95]

You’re looking at a standard charging cables for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max that can be used for transferring data while charging the smartphone.

Available here

White Coiled Micro Cord USB Data Transfer Charging Cables for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max [$7.99]

This particular charging cable is coiled and offers to charge and sync data simultaneously. The coiled design ensures that no entanglement takes place. The cable features a micro USB connector and is capable of charging the phone rapidly while allowing you to sync data with exceptional speed.

Available here

Red 3ft Flat Micro USB Cable Charging Cord Data Sync Wire [$7.99]

Say hello to a tangle-free flat cable design that is classy. This charging cable enables users to charge and sync their data simultaneously. The cable measures in at a length of 3’ and is highly portable.

Available here

Retractable Micro USB Plug-in Car Charger [$7.99]

This car charger comes with smart IC technology to prevent overcharging from taking place. The car charger features an LED indicator and an extra USB port to charge the second phone as well. The device is compact and comes with tangle-free wire. The charging cable can be retracted by making use of the retract button located on top of the device. The smart IC chip can ascertain when the battery has been charged completely and automatically switches to saver mode.

Available here

Emerge Charger Cradle Dock, Dretal@ Desktop Micro USB [$15.98]

This dock will allow you to charge your smartphone while syncing up the data with your computer. You can listen to the music or watch videos while the smartphone charges. Users can also use the phone when it is in the dock. What you get is a decluttered desk with a dock that comes with an exquisite finish.

Available here

White 6ft Long Micro-USB Cable Charging Cord Data Sync [$6.99]

This particular cable is crafted from high-quality premium materials and supports quick charging. It can be used for charging the smartphone while transferring the data. The cable measures in at a length of 6’. Thanks to the long length of cable, users can use the phone while it is being charged without any hurdle. The cable allows for rapid charging when used with high amperage adapter.

Available here

10ft Long Premium White USB Cable Charging Power Data Wire [$8.99]

This cable is the same as last entry except that this one is longer with a total length of 10’. The cable frees the users from being bound to the wall outlet. Now users can put their phone on charging and roam around freely, thanks to the long length of the cable. The cable supports syncing and charging simultaneously.

Available here

Braided 10ft Long Black USB Cable Charging Power Data Wire [$8.99]

The cable has been crafted using high-quality premium materials and is highly durable. It has a braided design to avoid entanglement. The cable allows for simultaneous charging and data syncing. The cable measures in at a length of almost 10’. The length allows the users to use their smartphone without sticking to the wall outlet freely. Due to its tangle-free nature, the cable can be stored easily without any hassle.

Available here

Short Micro USB Charging and Data Sync Power Cable Link [$6.99]

You’re looking at a short charging cable with a length of 5”. It can be stored easily and is highly portable. You can keep it as a part of your travel kit or use it in your office. The short length ensures that no cluttering takes place on your desk and it remains mess-free. The cable allows for charging and syncing of data simultaneously. It is USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible and has been constructed durably. The cable offers a reliable and steady connection, thus making it easier to transfer data.

Available here

ReadyPlug USB Charging Cables for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max [$9.99]

The last entry in this list offers data transfer and charging capabilities as well. The cable supports USB 2.0 and offers a transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps. The cable is 25’ in length and comes in black color. The unusually long length of the cable ensures that user can charge the phone easily while using it. The best part? You don’t need to stick yourself to the wall outlet. Thanks to the 25’ length, you can easily sit anywhere in the room while your phone charges. The cable comes with a lifetime warranty and is compatible with both PC and Mac.

Available here

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