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10 Best Charging Cables For LG Q6

Congratulations on purchasing LG Q6, an amazing phone with some cool specs. Have you already purchased a case for this latest investment of yours? If not, check out the 10 best cases for LG Q6. What follows, however, is a list of 10 best charging cables for LG Q6. One might wonder why invest extra in a charging cable when one already comes with the smartphone. The question is valid, and the answer is; it is much wiser to have separate cables for your office, home, and journey to ensure the longevity of the original charging cable and to save yourself from the daily hassle. Check out the 10 best charging cables for LG Q6 and let us know what do you think.

Turbo Power 25W Q6 Car Charger with EXTRA USB Port [$18.77]

We are kicking off the list with this amazing car charging kit that comes with its own USB charging cable. You can get enough battery power that lasts long with merely 15 minutes of charging and a USB port to spare. The charger is capable of out-competing 75% traditional chargers. The cable supports the quick charging and ensures that the smartphone doesn’t get damaged.

Available here

Fast Quick Charging Q6 5ft/1.5M MicroUSB Data Cable [$24.99]

You’re looking at a professionally designed cable for LG Q6. The cable incorporates the latest technology to ensure fast charging. This high impact ABS flexible cable is not only durable but also charges the smartphone faster. The charging cables for LG Q6 features a dual integrated digital charging automatic system that claims to save battery life and shorten the charging time for the smartphone. The cable is easy to store and is highly portable.

Available here

UGREEN Micro USB Cable, USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B Charging Cord [$10.59]

The cable is ideal for charging your smartphone or for syncing data between your smartphone and a computer. The cable comes with gold plated connectors and ensures a loss-less connection while also supporting an aluminium case that imparts anti-corrosive and anti-oxidant properties to the cable. This results in a durable, tangle-free, and flexible cable that has a lifespan longer than the conventional charging cables. Using this cable, data can be transferred at a speed of 480 Mbps. A slim cord design imparts high portability and fashion to the cable.

Available here

Premium Super Q6 Car Charger with BLUE LED 9ft Coiled Cord [$14.77]

The cable is heavy duty and will serve your Q6 for years without requiring you to invest in another cable. The ABS plastic is highly impact and heat resistant. The ergonomic design of the cable makes it durable, unique, and long lasting as compared to the conventional cables. The latest integrated digital charging allows precise automatic fast and slow charging while ensuring the safety of the smartphone. The cable is coiled and has a length of 9’. It has a layer of the copper shield as well.

Available here

Tangle-Free Magnetic Q6 Ultra Portable Flat Charging and Data [$10.77]

While most of the cables won’t fit through your case to the charging port on your device, this one is an exception. The connectors are gold plated to keep the magnets together for secure connection. The cable is capable of carrying out high-speed charging while transferring data.

Available here

BASIC Q6 USB Adapter Power Kit [$29.99]

You’re looking at an accessory kit that includes everything. It has a travel charger (wall) that can be used with any outlet and can be compacted for easy travelling. It also has a car charger that can be used for charging your phone in the car. The package comes with a charging cable as well that enables users to charge the smartphone with any charger or computer while catering for data syncing.

Available here

Q6 Car Charger Detachable Hi-Power MicroUSB Cable [$16.77]

This particular kit is capable of boost charging your LG Q6. The package includes a car charger with a detachable high-power micro USB cable. You can charge your phone for 8 hrs of battery time in as little as 15 minutes. The kit can outperform 75% of the conventional kits. The cable can be used for data syncing as well.

Available here

Professional Quick Charge Q6 6ft/1.8M MicroUSB Data Charging Cables for LG Q6 [$29.99]

You’re looking at a flexible cable with a length of 1.8 meters. The cable has been professionally designed using high-impact ABS plastic to feature high durability. The cable is portable and can be stored easily without any hassle.

Available here

Q6 Fast Charge MicroUSB Kit! True Quick Charging Cables for LG Q6 [$17.47]

Say hello to the official fast charge 2 kit for LG Q6. The kit features dual voltage of 9V and 5V and supports fast charging as well. The package includes a charging cable as well that can be used for syncing of data or charging your phone.

Available here

Turbo Power 25W Q6 QUICK CHARGE 3.0 USB 1.3M MicroUSB Charging Cables for LG Q6 [$17.47]

You’re looking at a rapid home wall charger. You can use this in your office or at your home to charge your smartphone rapidly when you’re low on power and need a quick power boost. The charging cable featured in the charger allows for rapid charging and can be used for syncing data as well. The cable comes in at a length of 1.3 m and is highly durable. The charger features new chips of high energy efficiency level VI of 25W.

Available here

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