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10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6

Released in July 2015, Galaxy Tab E has a 9.6-inch screen and is powered by the latest Android OS. The tab features a 5MP camera and 1.5GB RAM, which means that its price range is targeted for the low-end market. Nonetheless, this tab can be excellent for students who would like to use an affordable machine on the go. So for people who have this product, we recommend the following best cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6.

Galaxy Tab E (9.6) Case, BoxWave® Case (20.95$)

Simple one-sided TPU shell with reinforced edges. The case provides protection from dust and dirt, but the price tag is a little too much compared to other cases

Available Here

FanTEK Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T560 9.6-Inch Case (7.88$)

Made from simple PU leather, the case is excellent in protecting your tablet against dust and dirt. The case has a magnetic closure and can be folded to form a kickstand.

Available Here

Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Case (12.99$)

The case is similar to no.10, only difference being that this one has a thicker coat of leather hence shielding your tablet even against minor impacts.

Available Here

Verizon TAB E Cases For Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 (13.99$)

The case is available in many different colors and is made from synthetic leather. The case features a three-point kickstand that can adjusted for properly viewing your screen.

Available Here

MoKo Tab E 9.6 Cases For Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 (14.99$)

Moko case is unique in design is mostly made from plastic. It can be used as a handle while it can be folded to form a kickstand. It also has reinforced corners made from silicone for greater protection.

Available Here

Galaxy Tab E (9.6) Case, BoxWave® (20.95$)

This clear case is made from soft & flexible TPU. The case protects your tablet from scratches and is water resistant, therefore keeping your tablet in brand new shape.

Available Here

Trident Aegis Case (9.99$)

A TPU case with reinforced corners and precise opening to ports which allow you to avail the complete functionality of your phone. The case is offered in multiple colors.

Available Here

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Keyboard case by Vrostrosne (39.90$)

Perhaps the best thing about this case is that it comes with a Bluetooth keyboard. The case has a PU leather body and a magnetic closure keeping your tablet secure while adding a handy accessory.

Available Here

T560 Case, E-Fashion PU Leather (12.99$)

One of the most aesthetic cases on our list. The case is made from leather but features extra pockets as a bonus feature. The manufacturer provides many colors and designs to better suit your taste.

Available Here

T560 Case-Ucover(TM) Creative Drawing Pattern Magnetic PU Leather Flip Stand Case (15.69$)

Perhaps a unique case regarding design. Featuring tribal design on its body this case is sure to take any one’s breath away with its mesmerizing aesthetics. Technically the case is made from PU leather can feature a magnetic closure while it also has the ability to used as a kickstand.

Available Here

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