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10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Who doesn’t get attracted to pretty phone cases? After all, they enhance your phone’s outlook. And that tiny (well, not in all cases) gadget that you spend most of your time with, deserves a thoughtful consideration while buying its case. More people want cases that are durable as well as beautiful to look at.

We have compiled a list of 10 best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. Go ahead and check out the list then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

10. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Case, Ghostek

This case will cost you $9.95 and comes with a Lifetime exchange warranty program. It gives the user 6 colors to select from and a soft touch matte coat. For enhanced protection, the case has a beveled wrap with two layers. You can get one here

9. Galaxy S5 mini Case – Ringke FUSION Case

This case will cost you $9.99 and has an all-around design that compliments the phone’s design. It has a DIY personalization option that can be used over and over. The dust cap comes attached and protects the phone from dust. The buttons have been created with the new active touch technology. You can get one here

8. Galaxy S5 mini Case BUDDIBOX Belt Clip Holster with Kickstand Phone Case

This case will cost you $10.95 and is comprised of two components; hard back case and a belt clip swivel holster. The belt clip can rotate 180 degrees and allows for different positions. The hard case has been manufactured from material that is resistant to impacts with the interior lined with silicone to enable absorption of shocks. You can get one here

7. Galaxy S5 Mini Case, aLLreli®

This case is for $9.99 and has been created with Premium Leather material. It protects your phone from any sort of bumps, grease, finger prints and scratches. The low profile also helps in retaining the design of the device. You can get one here

6. S5 Case, ULAK Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

You can buy this case for $8.99. Created from high quality plastic along with silicone, it has an easy snap on installation and features beautifully designed cutouts. You can get one here

5. Galaxy S5 MINI Case, E LV Galaxy S5 MINI Case

This case is priced at $7.99 and offers a dual layer protection; exterior hard plastic shell and silicone interior. It is a slim and lightweight case. The silicone material is anti-static and diminishes surface dust while giving a soft feel to the device. You can get one here

4. TUDIA Ultra Slim LITE TPU Bumper Protective Case

This case costs $9.98 and sports a durable and flexible shell cover. The edges have been raised to protect the screen. Its design is unique and allows easy access to all ports and buttons. You can get one here

3. ColorYourLife S5 mini Gel Case Bundle

This case will cost you $10.99 and has been created from Thermoplastic Polyurethane. It is a rubberized gel case which is quite durable and also protects the phone from chipping and scratches. You can get one here

2. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Case, Cimo

This case costs $6.98 and has been created from TPU material, which renders your phone capable for shop absorption. The front edges have been beveled to keep the screen protected. Slim design makes sure that minimal bulk is given to the device. The case is embedded with anti-slip properties for a better grip. You can get one here

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Case, Terrapin

Sleek and stylish, this case can be bought for $6.95. It gives high level protection to the phone without making any sacrifices on the functionality part. You can get one here