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10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is the Samsung’s best camera phone so far. If you’ve bought this phone, we can say two things for sure. 1) You’re a photography enthusiast but like taking photos with your phone instead of carrying two gadgets and hence, you got Galaxy K Zoom to kill two birds with one stone. 2) You’re willing to invest in your two-in-one device by getting a case for it.

This list contains stylish and defensive cases for your Galaxy K Zoom. Go through the list of these cases for Galaxy K Zoom and let us know your favourite case in the comments section below:

  1. Samsung Protective Cover for Galaxy K Zoom

With its very elegant and stylish design, the genuine Samsung cover will protect your phone. You can use your phone even when the case is on. You can get one here


  1. Allwish Case with Camera Lens Cover For Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

It not only encases the phone but also covers the lens. The lens cover is very easy to install. Quite convenient, we would say. You can get one here


  1. Silicone Cover for Samsung Galaxy K zoom

Pretty economical for what it offers. The material is soft to delicately protect your phone. You can get one here


  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 K Zoom Auto pop Protective Cover

This one is the most expensive of the list but for a good reason. Not only that it’s made of anti-shock material but the lens cover pops out automatically. This luxurious case is available in red, pink, blue and green colors. You can get one here


  1. GMYLE Zoom Case with Lens Cover for Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Just snap the cover over the lens and it’s installed! You can use all ports without removing the case. You can get one here


  1. GMYLE Hard Case Metallic Color for Samsung Galaxy K S5 Zoom

You’ll have to pay more for shipping than you pay for this cover. The makers claim that the color won’t fade. You can get one here


  1. kwmobile Elegant leather case for the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

This leather case comes with the comfort of transforming it into a stand for landscape view. You can get one here


  1. Yakamoz Silicone Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

You’re highly unlikely to get anything cheaper than this. TPU material is soft and protective. You can get one here


  1. iTALKonline Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Case

Its slim fitting design will add no extra bulk. You don’t need to take it off to use any ports. You can get one here


  1. S Line Cover for Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

This flexible case is something close to ordinary. It’s soft and it will protect your phone. The lens will stay uncovered though. You can get one here

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