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10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Core

A phone case is an indispensable accessory for a phone. Once you have put a large sum of money in buying a phone, the next instinct would be to save it by spending a little more money to get a protective case for it. Here’s a collection of 10 fashionable and convenient cases for Samsung Galaxy Core. Check out these cool cases for Samsung Galaxy Core before you make your mind.

  1. Armor Dual Layer Bumper Case for Samsung Galaxy Core

The armor case is slim in its design and light in weight. The anti-scratch bumper will give you comfortable grip. You can also replace the back material if you want. It will absorb any shocks if dropped. You can get one here


  1. Amzer Pudding Cover for Samsung GALAXY Core

Just snap this on your device to get an immediate fine grip and stylish look. The matte finish minimizes the chances for it to slip. You can get one here


  1. Arbalest for Samsung Galaxy Core

Here’s when you combine style with functionality. With all the advantages of flip cover, this case can also be converted into a stand. It also has a window cut in to allow easy access to important functionalities. Perfect, we would say. You can get one here


  1. Yousave Accessories Samsung Galaxy Core Plus Case

This case is made from tough PU leather, yet it’s soft in appearance. You can use it as wallet to store your money and cards. You can get one here


  1. Galaxy Core Prime Case by Starshop

The dual layer case has a holster with a kickstand. It’s a 3-in-1 luxury with the highest preference on defensive properties as can be seen from its material. You can get one here


  1. Arbalest for Samsung Galaxy Core

Cut-outs are precisely engineered at just the right spot for the ports. It’s pretty slim and wouldn’t add any extra bulk to your phone. With such a low cost, we believe it would be a smart choice for your phone. You can get one here


  1. Samsung G355M Galaxy Core by AnoKe

This couldn’t get any better than this. Made out of a fine PU leather, the case has a brushed look. As you can see, there are two windows, one to let you view the date and time and the other to let you answer calls. You can get one here


  1. Diamond Bling Cover Protector Case for Samsung Galaxy Core

This snug case will add sparkle to your phone with artificial diamonds studded in the back side. The portion where you can see the diamonds is made from soft rubber. The rest is hard plastic. You can get one here


  1. Organic Bamboo Wood Case for Samsung Galaxy Quad Core

This case by Boho Tronics is made of authentic bamboo wood. It’s pretty light in weight. You can customize it by carving out your favorite design or quote. You can get one here


  1. Hard Case Snap On Cellphone Plastic Cover

This hard plastic case is designed to fit your phone accordingly. It will protect your phone against smudges and bumps. All ports are accessible without removing the case. You can get one here