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10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha features innovation in design that Samsung is offering now with its metallic body. You would definitely want to protect your investment with a good phone case. We have rounded up best cases options available currently for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Grab yours before the stock runs out.

  1. Spigen® [METALLIZED BUTTONS] Galaxy Alpha Case Protective

The Spigen Neo Hybrid case is a slim case which will protect your phone without adding any bulk to it. There’s a main layer for shock absorption and a frame that wraps the main body. The cuts are precise and prefect. Air cushion protects all four corners. You can get one here


  1. Terrapin TPU Gel Case

This is a medium budget simple case but still offers best protection to your handset. Your phone will feel sleek and slim with this case on. You can get one here



  1. Grenade Grip Rugged Skin Hard Case

This rugged case is the cheapest you can get. You’ll have to pay more for shipment than you pay for this case. The case is easy to put on and has cushioning points on all four corners to offer better protection. You can get one here



  1. Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case by Cellto

This case by Cellto has been engineered to give you a natural grip on phone. It has an upper lip to protect the phone from face down damage. You can explore the colors like black, baby pink and mint. You can get one here



  1. Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case by Shocksock

If you are into working out, this is an accessory to have. You can strap your phone around your wrist with this armband. You’ll have full access to screen. The armband is not only elastic but machine washable as well. You can get one here


  1. Galaxy Alpha Case – Ringke FUSION Case

You can show off the original beauty of your phone with this transparent case. It leaves your phone slim and sleek. The good thing about transparent cases is that you can use bit of your imagination and creativity to personalize your phone while protecting it. You can get one here


  1. Galaxy Alpha Wallet Case by  GMYLE

This wallet case will minimize the number of items you have to carry in your pockets every day. You can out your credit and business cards in the slots provided. The case has a granular pattern to give a strong grip over your phone. The front flap closes with magnetic closure. You can get one here


  1. OtterBox Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case

This simple looking case from OtterBox will protect your phone with its pocket friendly design. The material is designed to absorb shocks upon accidental drops. It is easy to install and will style your phone smartly. You can get one here


  1. Esseemoney Waterproof Cover For Samsung Galaxy Alpha

This case from Esseemoney is water, snow and dirt proof but you can’t use this every day. Obviously, it’s designed for special occasions. As this is a sealed case, you can access limited features. It will also block your voice. You can get one here


  1. Samsung S-View Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The last case on the list is the most expensive one but for a reason that is too obvious. It’s a genuine product from Samsung and is elegantly stylish. Your phone will wake up automatically when the flip cover is removed. You can get one here