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10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy A6 2018

Which of these Samsung Galaxy A6 Best Cases fit your unit?

The Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) was released in May of 2018 and is one of the smaller options when it comes to the Samsung A series of mid-range smartphones. It comes with a 5.6” Super AMOLED display with a 720p resolution, an octa-core Exynos processor coupled with 4GB of RAM and a 3000mAh battery to keep everything juiced up. While a 720p display is not the greatest by 2018 standards, it is still a great phone in its own way. As always, we bring you the best accessories available for your phone on Amazon. Here are the 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). 

Dretal Case for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

In tenth place, we have the Dretal case for the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). Made with polycarbonate material, it is designed to protect your phone in all directions, avoiding drop shocks and scratches. Despite all that protection, it also ensures easy installation and removal due to its unique design. Access to all your buttons, camera, headphone jack and everything else is completely unhindered, meaning your usage experience is as good as ever.

Available here.

ASMART Case for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

In ninth place is the ASMART case for the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). A rugged single-piece TPU case, it offers durability and full protection while not adding any bulk to you phone. The soft TPU bumper helps absorb shock combined with an anti-slip football pattern finish to secure the phone from bumps and drops, while the precise cut-outs make sure that your user experience isn’t hindered at all.

Available here.

 J&D Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

The next case on our list is the J&D wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). This case claims to provide the ultimate protection as well as utility. It is made of synthetic PU leather with shock absorbent rubberized TPU and snaps on nicely for drop protection. The built-in stand and wrist band are an added bonus, while the precise cut-outs give access to all the buttons and ports.

 Available here.

Poetic Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

Seventh on this list is the Poetic Rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). . It provides 360-degree protection with its front polycarbonate case, clear polycarbonate back, and TPU lining and bumpers. It also throws in a tempered-glass screen protector for good measure, eliminating the need for an extra purchase. The good folks at Poetic recognize how precious your phone is to you, and this case is capable enough to keep it safe and sound.

Available here.

ZeKing Case for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

The next case on this list is the ZeKing case for the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). This is a transparent case which preserves the original look and feel of your phone while keeping it protected and safe. The transparent TPU is slim-fitting, thin and lightweight, tough and flexible providing a good hand feeling. Easy access to all your buttons and ports is also guaranteed.

Available here.

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J&D Heavy Duty Case for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

Fifth is the J&D protective case for the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). This case keeps your phone fully protected, shock proof and scratch resistant, the hybrid double layer of TPU and polycarbonate gives your phone great protection while the not-very-bulky design preserves accessibility of your the phone and provides easy access to all functions.

 Available here.

LEEGU Case for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

Next on this list the LEEGU case for the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). This case is made of carbon fiber and anti-stretch TPU rubber with a specially-designed look which gives your phone drop protection and gives it a smooth feel. The simple but practical design allows you total access to all functionality and buttons and the soft shock absorption TPU provides outstanding protection against drops and other impact.

Available here.

Yiakeng Case for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

In third place, we have Yiakeng case for the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). Another protective case, it features dual-layer protection with the added functionality of a kickstand. Despite its seemingly bulky design, it is easy to install and take off. It also comes in a variety of color options, so you can choose whatever floats your boat.

Available here.

Wellci Case for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

The penultimate case on this list is the Wellci case for the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). It doesn’t try to blow your mind with impressive certifications and other fancy stuff. It’s a simple and straightforward phone-case that can protect your phone without interfering with its looks and usage experience. It protects from everyday scratches and bumps, keeps the camera raised to keep it safe and has tactile buttons that are easy-to-use.

Available here.

SUPCASE Case for Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

In first place is the SUPCASE case for the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). It has the tried-and-tested SUPCASE design with an advanced dual-layer combined of polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU which is able to withstand accidental drops, bumps and shock. It provides the 360-degree protection with the front cover with built-in screen protector preventing scratches without compromising sensitivity or affecting the user experience.

Available here.

So that rounds up our list for the 10 best Samsung Galaxy A6 Best Cases (2018). Hopefully it helped you in making a pick for your own Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018). Stay tuned for more.