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10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy A5

Something that you should do quickly after buying a Samsung Galaxy A5 is to look for a  good case that would protect it. Luckily there’s a wide range of options available in terms of style and price ranges. Here’s a look at some of the best available cases for samsung galaxy A5. Be sure to base your choice on your personal needs and preferences.

1.  Samsung Galaxy A5 Case  by Oeago

This Dual Layer shield style case is designed specifically for Galaxy S5. Where the inner surface is soft shock absorbent, the outer surface is a hard plastic shell to provide outstanding protection. The makers gave an extra thickness at the corners since these are the most vulnerable to impacts. Use the kickstand to watch videos hands-free. You can get one here


   2.   Galaxy A5 Case – Ringke FUSION Galaxy A5 Case

This is the most stylish option to show off the original beauty of your phone. You can personalize your case as well, and that too, multiple times. It comes in smoke black and crystal clear. Though the case is thin, yet it’s quite hard and gives maximum protection. With the new active touch technology, the case will feel as nothing and disguises itself as part of the phone. You can get one here


    3.   Slim Metal Ultra Slim Galaxy A5 Case

This ultra slim case with soft non-slip matte surface will give full body protection and access to all ports and buttons. You can choose from champagne gold, satin silver and sky blue. Titanium grey is our favorite though. You can get one here


    4.   Kepuch Ultra-thin Sparkle Leather Case Shell Hard Case

This economical case is made in line with European environmental standards. The window is cut precisely for Galaxy A5. It gives a quick access to time, date, camera and other features. The leather case would be a smart choice for businessmen to have more professional look. You can pick from champagne gold, ocean blue, rose red and traditional black and white. You can get one here


     5.  Galaxy A5 Case, Spigen [Air Cushioned Bumper]

The Samsung Galaxy A5 Bumper was originally designed by Apple to fix a reception problem that would occur when users touch certain parts of Galaxy A5. Initially, they gave out free of cost but later they stopped doing this. The product is not listed on the Apple but can be bought through various online retailers. The air cushion technology protects the corners from extreme drops. You can get one here


     6.   Genuine Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Galaxy A5

This is a genuine Samsung product for Galaxy A5. The handset will recognize the cover and wake up automatically when the flip cover is opened. Access time, battery status and incoming calls through the window. Available in charcoal and white, the flip cover has the premium feel of leather. You can get one here


      7.    JUJEO Lychee Texture Leather Cover Case with Stand for Samsung Galaxy A5

You can slide in your credit and ATM cards in the pockets of this flip cover for Galaxy A5. The case is stylish and will protect your phone from scratches and bumps while keeping your money safe. You can get one here


      8.   Case for Galaxy A5, Hi5Gadget ZLDECO

This extremely light weight and compact case has vibrant color options to pick from. As depicted in the picture, it comes with a stand holder. Since it is made of rubber, it will provide good protection if you accidentally drop your phone. You can get one here

      9.  StilGut® Book Type, Genuine Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy A5

This case, designed by a German luxury brand, has an ultra slim profile and look of a small book. This handcrafted leather case will fit your Galaxy A5 elegantly. Again, smart choice for a professional look. You can get one here


      10.   StilGut® UltraSlim, Genuine Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy A5

This is another design exclusive for Galaxy S5 by the same company. The flip cover is not stitched in a traditional manner so you might want to look if it would be convenient for you. You can get one here