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10 Best Cases for Huawei G7 Plus

G7 plus was released in November 2015 and features a 13MP camera with a 3GB RAM. Huawei has already established itself as a leading cell phone manufacturer, and this phone is a continuation of their good work.

10. Huawei G7 Plus  Leather Case (45$)

This case is made from high-quality PU leather, and it gives ideal protection against dust and scratches. The case looks elegant & subsequently can be used for any occasion.

Available here and here.

9. Universal Wallet Case, Camiter (2.99$)

Since this is a universal wallet case, it may not have an exact fitting but it does its job splendidly. The case has a few slots to keep your credit cards & licenses that can come in handy.

Available here.

8. Huawei G7 Plus Casing Leather (4.99$)

A leather case with magnetic closure. It protects your cell phone against dust, dirt and scratches helping you maintain that brand new look on your phone.

Available here.

7. Huawei G7 Plus case by Belletrendy (11.90)

This case has unique pattern design that increases its aesthetic features. The case has a magnetic closure that keeps the phone secure as well.

Available here in various colors.

6. IWIO Huawei G7 Plus Wallet Case (6.32$)

This case has ultra-slim design and is made using genuine leather. The case has some pocket space and is offered in many different colors.

Available here in many colors.

5. Universal Wallet Case GFTC (3$)

A generic wallet case with ample pocket space. This one has a clip closure, and the manufacturer offers many different designs for you to choose from.

Available here in various colors and designs.

4.  G7 (5.5 “) Protection Case by Angella-M (1$)

This a soft TPU gel back cover. Though it does not protect your phone same as wallet cases, we rate it highly because of its price and the wonderful design. The case though plays its part in protecting your phone against scratches & dirt.

Available here in various designs.

3. Huawei G7 Plus Case, by PDair (49$)

PDair has an excellent collection of cases and this case is their best. By far the wallet case with the most pocket space, made from genuine leather it protects your phone from virtually anything while giving an elegant look.

Available here in various colors.

2. kwmobile Hard case Space design for Huawei Ascend G7 (3.90$)

The case has a mesmerizing design on the back of it. The case is made from TPU and the precise cuttings mean that you can fully use device’s functionality.

Available here.

1. iTALKonline Huawei Ascend G7  Case (6.32$)

This is the only dual layered case on our list. Dual layered cases provide premium protection, as their inner lining is made from soft TPU while it is enclosed in a hard polycarbonate plastic shell. A rugged case that also features a kickstand at the back so that you can enjoy your videos with comfort.

Available here in various colors.