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10 Best Cases for Blackberry Priv – With Review and Specs

Blackberry Priv will be launched in November 2015. The phone has a 5.4″ screen 18MP camera and a 3GB RAM. The phone seems to be very powerful, but any comments on its performance would be largely immature.

10. fitBAG Classic Sand custom tailored sleeve for Blackberry (28$)

This case is a simple cover bag for your phone. Made from soft cloth it keeps your phone safe from dust and dirt but provides very less protection regarding impact.

9. Blackberry Priv Faux Leather Angry Skull Pouch (12$)

Made from faux leather this case is very elegant. The flip case has a magnetic closure and even supports a belt clip in the back.

8. Leather Pocket Price Brown (50$)

A very durable leather pouch for your phone. The thick leather covering also means that it can resist medium to low impacts.

7. Slide-Out Hard Shell Priv Green (49$)

This case is made from hard polycarbonate plastic and can slide out to provide maximum functionality for your PRIV Blackberry.  The case has the ability to resist heavy impacts as well.

6. Blackberry Priv Case by JLTL (7$)

A decent wallet case with a clip closure. The case is made from synthetic leather and helps maintain that brand new shine on your phone for a longer time.

5. Blackberry Priv Case, Fashion Blue Bowknot Pattern (7$)

This wallet case is made by the same manufacturer as no.6 but offers far more pocket space to keep your stuff. The case also has a more vibrant design making it look distinctive.

4. Generic Universal Pu Leather Phone Cover for Blackberry Priv Case SHU (15$)

Generic has many cases for almost every brand. The unique thing about their cases is that almost each one of them has wonderful art. This case is no exception to that.

3. iTALKonline BlackBerry Priv White PREMIUM PU Leather Vertical Case (7$)

A just 7$ you will get a premium leather wallet case. The case has belt clip holster and also has a bit of pocket space to keep your stuff such as money and credit cards

2. Genuine OEM BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster (60$)

This is a genuine Blackberry case made from “Genuine Nappa leather“. Since the case is official and specifically designed for blackberry, it fits perfectly and grants access to all the features.

1. Blackberry Priv Faux Leather Pouch Belt Clip Case Cover by ApexGears (10$)

This is one of the best cases available for Blackberry Priv. The case is in vertical design and has an exceptionally thick coating, therefore, it protects your phone even from heavy impacts. The case has a belt clip holster and even comes with a stylus pen