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10 Best Cases For BlackBerry Classic

Blackberry Classic is the ultimate business phone. The phone has a 3.5-inch screen and 8MP back camera. The QWERTY keyboard is the best of all the phones with great functionality and with the help of 2GB RAM, the Phone has plenty of memory for multi-tasking. So check out this list of 10 best cases for Blackberry classic and let us know your favourite case in the comments section.

BlackBerry ACC-60087-002 Leather Pocket Case for Blackberry Classic (19.99$)

Made from fine grain leather, this case superbly protects your phone against dust & dirt. Since it provided by the manufacturer, it fits the phone perfectly while giving access to all the phone’s ports and functions.

Available Here

Case Fun Almond Blossom Snap-on Hard Back Case (5.95$)

A simple snap-on case made from polycarbonate plastic. The high-quality image at the gives the case its aesthetics while the slim design adds minimum bulk.

Available Here

Blackberry Classic Case, MPERO FLEX S (9.95$)

Made from quality TPU material is soft and flexible making it easy to apply on your phone. TPU has excellent shock absorbing properties, so the case protects your phone against drops and other impacts while helping you maintain that brand new shine.

Available Here

TUDIA Ultra Slim LITE TPU Bumper Protective Case (9.90$)

Another TPU case on our list, the difference between this one and the previous one is that TUDIA case has a matte finish that makes it easier to grip. The case also has precise openings so that you can utilize all the functionality of your phone.

Available Here

BlackBerry Classic Case,3C-Aone (12.99$)

Fine leather cases have a touch of elegance about them, like this one. The case has anti-scratch properties and since Blackberry is a business class phone, the case suits it perfectly.

Available Here

Magnetic Leather Folio Flip Book Wallet Pouch by Galaxy Wireless (7.99$)

A leather wallet case with magnetic closure. Wallet cases are useful if you want to keep extra stuff such has money & credit cards while depending on the thickness of the leather, they can protect against mild impacts as well.

Available Here

XYZ® Blackberry Classic Case (11.98$)

Blackberry Classic Case with splendid aesthetics. This wallet case is also made from leather & has a magnetic closure; additionally, it has a longer strap and bit more pocket space.

Available Here

BlackBerry Classic Wallet Case – SOGA® (4.95$)

Best Value for money buy on our list. The wallet can protect you against most hazards and offers good pocket space as well. The case is made from faux PU leather, and the SOGA products come with a 90-day warranty.

Available Here

BlackBerry Classic Wallet Case, AceAbove (12.90$)

The wallet case with most pocket space. Made from a combination of Leather and TPU the wallet case has a magnetic closure and can double as a kickstand for your phone as well.

Available Here

Blackberry Classic Case, Combo Rugged Shell Cover Holster with Built-in Kickstand and Holster Locking Belt Clip Black by Circle (4.99$)

Dual layered cases like this one are the most robust when it comes to protection as they have a hard polycarbonate covering with a soft TPU interior.  This case also has a rotating belt clip holster and a plastic kickstand to help you watch movies in landscape mode. Overall the best cases for Blackberry Classic.

Available Here

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