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10 Best Books For Home Repair And Improvement

Every homeowner should know how to do some of the basic renovation or improvement tasks around the household and having a books for home repair. Having said that, it is always helpful to have a guide around which tells you to do tasks easily & efficiently, so we decided to make a list of some of the most helpful books available for home repair and improvement.

Home Maintenance for Dummies by James & Morris Carrey(15.55$)

The book emphasizes on maintenance tips for your home. From guides to making routine inspections to a complete seasonal maintenance schedule, the books contains a lot of chapters but that this something you expects coming from “… For Dummies” edition.  Some good reads from the book include chapters on the energy envelope — guidance on understanding your home’s exterior surfaces and associated components, like windows and doors, the roof, the basement, and the foundation and Plumbing and HVAC — instructions on how to tackle problems with mechanical equipment, common household appliances, and heating and cooling systems

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Home Improvement for Dummies by  Gene Hamilton & Katie Hamilton(17.96$)

Another book from the Dummies collection. This book is a little different from the last one that it tells you how to do small tasks such as installing a smoke detectors. It also contains guides for buying the right tools that can come handy around the household.

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Renovation 4th Edition  by Michael Litchfield(35.43$)

The book has been based on experiences and wisdom from 100+ contractors & architects where the writer documents their work after interviewing them. The book provides an excellent compendium of ideas for renovations around the house & can also be useful when you are planning for a new house. As the publisher describes the 4th edition of the book ” R4 reflects the new realities of planning carefully, spending wisely, maximizing space and building durably.”

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Ortho’s Home Improvement Encyclopedia by Ortho Brooks

The book contains more than 800 color illustrations that depict & explain crucial home improvement tips. A complete books for home repair for newbies and experts alike as it provides a host of bright ideas while teaching basic tasks.

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The Complete Book of Home Organization by  Toni Hammersley(19.50$)

A book that helps you organize your house. From storage solutions to cleaning tips the book will make your home look in tip top shape and aid you in utilizing empty spaces.

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Black & Decker The Book of Home How-To: The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair & Improvement(24.31$)

Black Decker is renowned for providing home improvement hardware, but their book is also worth the read. As the publisher describes it “Until now, there’s been one thing missing: an ultimate, fully-loaded, ridiculously overpacked reference book for every home project you can dream of; “. The book contains precise instructions and clear photos making it a compelling read.

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Big Book of Home How-To by Better Homes & Gardens(20.66$)

It is claimed that this is the largest home improvement book on the market. The book contains over 4000 step by step illustrations plus it was written after taking data from reader tested “Step by Step” series by the same publisher.From tools to tasks, everything is included in this book making it a complete home improvement book.

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100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know by Editors of Family Handyman(16.95$)

From money saving tips to improvement guides for the house, this book lists 100 important things that every home owner must know. The book even gives tips on how to read for a natural disaster and effective ways to cut heating and cooling costs.

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Home Improvement 1-2-3: Expert Advice from The Home Depot(0.49$)

It is no surprise that Home Depot has a book on home improvement. The bulky book has chapters covering painting, wallpaper, plumbing, electrical system, walls and ceilings, flooring, doors, windows and even cabinets. The book also reviews new technologies and their installation techniques making it one of the comprehensive guides out there.

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Fix-It-Yourself Manual by Readers Digest(21.74$)

The ultimate home improvement book. The book includes more than 3,000 instructional photographs, illustrations, charts, and diagrams while giving valuable tips on fixing the dryer or checking the thermostat. Readers Digest’s ability to simplify & enrich consumer lives by discussing new ideas and stories is fully evident in this book as well and with a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon with more than 200 reviews, we belive this is the no.1 book for home improvement.

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