Your Next Order From Pizza Hut Will Be Delivered With A DIY Movie Projector


Pizza Hut knows how you can’t enjoy your Netflix without a yummy, cheesy pizza! They have put two and two together, and now your pizza will be shipped in a Blockbuster Box, that could turn into a projector.


Image Source: Oglivy


The free DIY projector will come with free Netflix movies; no further motivation needed, eh?

The campaign was planned by Oglivy Hong Kong and has gone viral! The whole world is in love with the idea, (Pizza+Free movies, what else do we want?) but unfortunately, it is just available in Hong Kong for now.


Image Source: Oglivy


The pizza boxes have an inbuilt lens and setting it up is very simple. You can build your own DIY projector in 4 steps, no worrying about the pizza getting cold as you set up the entire thing!


Image Source: Oglivy


All you need is to insert the small pizza table in the hole cut in the side of the box, put your smartphone in place, sit back and enjoy your movie ad pizza!


Image Source: Oglivy


The service is a collaboration between Pizza Hut and Netflix, so you get free QR code for four different films.


Image Source: Oglivy


The Blockbuster Boxes come in four designs, based on the free movie they come with!


Image Source: Oglivy


So, the horror movie fans would enjoy the Slice Night, while the Hot & Ready box is for the one in for a romantic night. If you want to enjoy some action, go for the Fully Loaded box while the nerdy ones would enjoy the tasty design, Anchovy Armageddon.


Image Source: Oglivy


Although the projector quality lacks features like the amplifiers for a better sound experience, yet it is free, so no one is complaining.



We can’t wait till Pizza Hut goes global with the idea! Would you like to order a tasty design box? Let us know in comments!


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