You Have Been Peeling Sticky Notes The Wrong Way Your Whole Life. Here’s How To Do It


We’ve all used sticky notes at one time or another and chances are we all have used them incorrectly. Wait, what? Is there a right way to use sticky notes? You bet there is and if used correctly, these sticky notes remain stuck to the surface instead of falling off. The class is in session folks!

The Wrong Way

Also known as the conventional way, you simply hold the sticky note from the bottom and then peel it upwards to remove it from the pad.This Is How You Should Use Sticky Notes

This curls up the note where the adhesive is.This Is How You Should Use Sticky Notes 2

Stick it somewhere and you will have to pray for it to remain there by the end of this article.This Is How You Should Use Sticky Notes 3

The Right Way

Welcome to the group where we do things the right way. Instead of peeling off the sticky note from the bottom grip, start from the left side of the pad and pull it towards the right. The blue line shows the adhesive while the red arrow shows the direction of pulling.

The result? A perfectly flat sticky note.This Is How You Should Use Sticky Notes 4

Stick it next to the curled note, if it’s still there, and see the difference.This Is How You Should Use Sticky Notes 5

Keep this in mind when you’re using sticky notes and they won’t come off so easily off the wall. This Is How You Should Use Sticky Notes 6


So, what’s going on here? When you peel a sticky note off, ‘micro-folds’ are created in the paper that are perpendicular to the peeling direction.

If the adhesive band is parallel to the micro-folds, the sheet becomes curled.
However, if the adhesive band is perpendicular to the micro-folds, it tackles the bending effect and thus, the sheet remains flat.



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