What is Cement?

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What is cement17


A cement can be simply defined that material, which works as a binder. It sets and hardens when it dries and is capable of reacting with carbon dioxide in the air while also being capable of binding other materials together. The term ‘cement’ can be traced back to Romans. The earliest version perhaps, dates back to third millennium B.C. where it was used in Mesopotamia.What is cement8

How Does Cement Work? What is cement2

Cement works by holding the materials together; rather binding them and this binding effect is achieved when it reacts with water. Over time, the chemical reaction continues to occur and it is said that the reaction is infinite (continues forever). Cement is used by making a mix of cement, sand and plaster of Paris.

Types of CementNew cement factory opens in Ethiopia - one of Africa's fastest-growing nations What is cement16 What is cement15 What is cement14 What is cement12 What is cement11 What is cement10

  • Portland cement
  • Energetically modified cement
  • Portland cement blends

Applications of CementWhat is cement3 What is cement5 What is cement

  • Cement is used to take care of cracks in concrete buildings.
  • Cement mortar is employed for masonry tasks, plastering and pointing.
  • It is used for the construction of lamp posts, railway sleepers, piles etc.
  • It is used a constituent for concrete.
  • Used for making pipes, dust bines, flower pots etc.

Precautionary Measures What is cement6 What is cement4

  • It is highly alkaline but the setting process is exothermic, therefore can cause skin burns.
  • Wear protective gloves while working with cement.
  • Dry Cement should be covered to avoid irritation in eyes.
  • Cement’s components can cause allergies.


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