Watch What Happens To A Human Body When It Is Hit By A Taser Gun


The Slow Mo Guys are at it again! This time they visited the city of Scottsdale situated in the American state of Arizona to check out the headquarters of the Taser manufacturer. The model that is used in the following video is an X-26 cartridge that is known as IEM or ‘Air Taser’.Taser Being Fired In Slow Motion On Bare Skin 5

It is similar to a pistol if you look at it and fires two electrodes that subsequently release an electrical discharge for a couple of seconds on the target. The process happens at amazing speeds and therefore, a special camera was used for recording it in slow motion. Fun fact; the taser fires two small pieces of paper along with the serial number of the weapon so that shooter can be identified.Taser Being Fired In Slow Motion On Bare Skin 4 Taser Being Fired In Slow Motion On Bare Skin 3 Taser Being Fired In Slow Motion On Bare Skin 2

The first test was carried out on a wall; however, the second test was conducted on a human target. The video shows the electrodes making their way to the back of the volunteer and sticking to it while the electrical discharge takes place and the affected muscles’ contraction can be seen. As expected, it isn’t as fun in real life as it seems in the action movies.


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