Transform Your Smartphone Into A Night Lamp With This Cute Gadget


We have been using the camera flash of our smartphones as flashlight for quite some time now. This latest gadget, known as Travelamp, transforms it into a bright light that acts as an impromptu bedside lamp or nightlight.Travelamp Transforms Your Smartphone Into Night Light

It has been designed by Sebastiano Tosi and Mattia Fossati and is essentially a small copy of a lantern/lamp that has been molded out of durable silicone. A basic strap that it features allow the gadget to be attached to the smartphone so that it becomes positioned right over the camera flash. It diffuses the light outwards and upwards.Travelamp Transforms Your Smartphone Into Night Light 2 Travelamp Transforms Your Smartphone Into Night Light 3

It measures in at 2.1×2.3×3.7 inches and can easily fix on ‘most small – to – mid sized smartphones’. This allows it to be used by travelers who require a simple and small lamp. However, using this gadget means that the user must have access to charging the smartphone frequently.

It can be pre-ordered for $8, however, won’t be available until October. So are you getting one?


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