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Tiger Stone Paving Machine Makes Brick Roads Like Laying Carpet


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Tiger Stone Paving MachineEngineers are always busy finding simpler solutions to problems and strive to decrease the time that a particular activity requires. One such endeavor has resulted in this particular machinery which is more than just a symbol of great engineering, it is frikkin’ cool and awesome.

Tiger Stone Paving Machine 5How much paving you reckon, a paver is able to accomplish in a day? The right answer is 100 sq. meter. How do you think this compares to achieving a minimum paving of 400 square meter in a day? So what does this machine do exactly? You provide it with cobblestones and it will lay them down in a pattern to build a road that would require a couple of hours if done manually. Tiger Stone Paving Machine 4This machine is known as Tiger Stone Paving Machine and is being called; ‘Road Printer’ due to the way it works. It can lay down about 400 yards of road per day.

Tiger Stone Paving Machine 3Tiger Stone requires 1-3 operators on its platform to provide the machine’s pusher slot with loose bricks from the hopper. One thing you have to be aware about is that the bricks need to be given to machine in the required pattern. The next step utilizes gravity to let these bricks slide together onto the sand in the form of a road-wide sheet of bricks.


Dutch-made road paving machineTiger Stone is powered electrically and has very little moving parts therefore the noise and maintenance is quite less. By using the built-in sensors, it is capable to stay on track which is outlined by the curbs. It comes in varying sizes and accompanying prices; 13,16 and 20 ft width is available and it ranges from $81,485 to $108,655.
Amazing isn’t it?

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47 Comments to Tiger Stone Paving Machine Makes Brick Roads Like Laying Carpet

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  2. Hi I would like to buy one these mushin and also I would like to buy tiger stone paving maker as well so if u could sand me price and make and model of mushin that be great. Thank you

  3. hello!
    We would like to thank you for attention.

    I writing enquire about your office in Russia. We would like to work with Tiger Stone. I would be grateful if you send specification and devilry conditions on my email dchaadaev1@gmail.com

    I’m looking forward to reply.

    Best regards, Dmitriy

  4. Mahendra jain

    I would like to get the qotation and all the details of this tiger stone machine or would like uh to contact me on 9414044798

    Thank you

  5. For one, the bricks need to be two to three times thicker!
    Four, the first machine was invented in the mid to late 1800’s!
    Only drawings exist online.

  6. Vakhtang loladze

    Please send me the detailed information about the brick road laying machine and prices.
    Thank you in advance


    Kind mail to us your proforma invoice for tiger stone machine please treat this as a matter of urgency thanks.
    Taiwo Adeniyi

  8. Can this machine laid paving slabs with a complex pattern? By the way, can anyone recommend a software for creating complex multi-color compositions of the paving bricks?

  9. Doyle Weatherby

    Please send me information about the brick road laying machine by Tiger Stone. Are franchises available?

  10. I need more informations about tha. Can I have the email address of the agent?

    Thank you in advance


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