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This New Fridge Can Keep Your Food Fresh Without Electricity


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Weltevree, Dutch design firm, has shown off the updated design of their root cellar during Salone del Mobile 2015. The product has been named, Groundfridge and is pre-fabricated. It makes use of the Earth’s insulating properties to impart freshness to food and doesn’t require any electricity for its working.Groundfridge Can Keep Your Food Fresh Without Electricity 3

Root cellars are not a new invention, however, Groundfridge has been built quite well and is far easier to install when compared with other root cellars. It weighs in at 300 kg and measures in at a diameter of 2.28 meters. The cellar has been created from polyester that is hand-laminated and comes with lighting and a cabinet that are integrated into it. The access to the root cellar is via door that resembles a hatch that unveils steps which then lead to the cellar proper.Groundfridge Can Keep Your Food Fresh Without Electricity 2

Weltevree claims that the Groundfridge has a storage which is equal to storage of 20 conventional refrigerators and is capable of storing a harvest from a vegetable garden that measures in at 2,690 sq. ft. This is equivalent to 500 kg of food. The firm has further stated that Groundfridge is capable of maintaining a temperature of 7-15 ºC.


The gadget will be available from mid-2015 and the price shall be unveiled on request.


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