This Is How Cities Would Look At Night Without Light Pollution


Ever imagined if our cities were lit by billions of stars with no light on the land and no air pollution to hide the starry skies? Imagined how dazzling that light show would be?

Thierry Cohen, a French artist has depicted all those imaginations one might have. Cohen said, “By combining two realities, I am making a third that you cannot see … but it exists! I am showing you the missing stars,”

The beauty of the skies as depicted in these images is the reason why people living in cities move out to the metropolis for a clearer sky and what the people living in the cities are giving up.

Cohen had to travel the same latitude in another part of the world to capture the cities under a clear sky, as the city skies are polluted and block the view. The images are the result of under-exposure and a technique known as day for night.

Some of our favorites are listed below. You can check Cohen’s gallery named “Darkened Cities” for the rest.

San FranciscoHow Cities Would Look Without Pollution Of Light 2

Rio de JaneiroHow Cities Would Look Without Pollution Of Light 3

ShanghaiHow Cities Would Look Without Pollution Of Light 4
Check out this cool video:

SKYGLOW from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo.


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