This Gadget Simulates The Weather Outside In A Small Box


Are you unsure about the weather outside and can’t decide on what to wear or not, take an umbrella or not and whether to pick up clothes from the clothes line or leave them there? Bad decisions on your part can leave you chilled to your bones or even damage your gadgets and other important stuff en route. With the help of Tempescope, you can have a realistic physical description of the weather outside inside a small box. From lightning to heavy rain, it can show you all!

Temposcope weather4

Now why we need Tempescope when we have the most advanced weather prediction apps and portals just a click away? The answer is simple, nothing beats actual physical representation! We can look and look at the numbers and graphs on the apps, but we won’t actually be frightened unless we have seen a miniature representation of lightning itself. So Tempescope offers us a look outside without experiencing it first-handTemposcope weather5

 Temposcope weather8

 Temposcope weather

Temposcope weather6

The Japanese designer behind this crystal ball for the weather, Ken Kawanmoto built it to simulate weather. It can wirelessly analyze the weather outside and simulate rain, fog, lightning, sunny days and among other weather appearances in the hollow cuboid. So, you can know about the weather beforehand and not get surprised each day.

As well as marketing his product directly to the customers, Kawanmoto has made into an open source project. It aims to provide guidelines and coding information to the people who can understand programming. They can make Temposcope at home with relative ease. To the people who don’t have the necessary expertise, Temposcope will undergo a crowdfunding campaign later this year. I think it can be a nice addition to your living room, giving live coverage of the weather while providing some ever-changing appearance just like your desktop!

Temposcope weather8

Have a look at this video and prepare to be amazed!


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