The Twister Is A More Comfortable Design For Economy Class Seats In Airliners


How do you feel after a 14-hr long flight? Of course, you must feel quite tired and irritated by the regular seat. An aviation expert experienced the same and decided to come up with a better design of the seat for economy class. The newly designed seat can bend or twist to provide a comfortable cushion for the commuter’s backs. The design has been given the name, ‘Twister’ and doesn’t take any more room than a conventional seat would.

The design has been named, ‘Twister’ and doesn’t take any more room than the presently installed conventional seats in the aircraft.

The Twister Is The New ‘Twist’ On Aircraft Seat For Economy Class 4

The seat is fitted with centrally connected ribs thus, allowing it to mimic the human spine. It moves with the passenger’s weight. A button is used for adjusting the seat in a position deemed comfortable by the user. The same button can also be used to return the seat back to the neutral position.The Twister Is The New ‘Twist’ On Aircraft Seat For Economy Class 2

The design has been put forth by a company called Factorydesign. Adam White, the creative director of the company had to go on a trip to Japan. He traveled in economy class and the flight lasted for 14 hours. Talking about the design, he said:

 “From your shoulders to your thighs, the seat follows your profile as you move. You wouldn’t get a pressure point under the thigh, which would be a significant health benefit. We see this as a long-haul product. This is all about duration seating. There has been considerable debate about economy class seating in the media, and many concepts which don’t actually seem to have considered the needs of the passenger. This design is completely centered on improving the passenger journey experience.”The Twister Is The New ‘Twist’ On Aircraft Seat For Economy Class 3



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