The Interior Of This Boeing 747 Private Jet Will Make Donald Trump Jealous

Boeing 747 private jet16

The world of private jets doesn’t get better than the $61.5 million Gulfstream G550, which is considered by many as the biggest piece of floating luxury available in the market. But, that is not so. There are a select few dirty rich people who are actually converting airlines into private jets. The most famous of these has been shady business tycoon-turned presidential candidate’s Boeing 757 business jet. But now, it seems that Trump’s antics have been overtaken by the original manufacturers themselves.

Boeing and Airbus have realized this limited yet lucrative market potential and are now converting whole airliners into luxury private jets. They are calling them the VIP versions of the planes and by labeling it such, they will be able to make wealthy customers cough up more cash for essentially the same with more luxuries. While in the past, the VIP models were limited to the smaller A320 or 737 models, now Bowing has taken the next step and converted a Boeing 747 into a luxury private jet. It was transformed into this use by  Greenpoint Technologies from Kirkland, Washington. Here is what you can expect from its inside since from the outside it is pretty much the same thing:


It has 4,786 square feet of space and can fly non-stop for 11,000 miles! How about that for a private jet?

Boeing 747 private jet16

Now the Boeing has been selected as part of the two Air Force One planes.

Boeing 747 private jet17

The price tag is $367 million. Without all the luxuries of course.

Boeing 747 private jet15

All the cabinets, furniture and woodworks are custom-designed for this plane.

Boeing 747 private jet14

Looks like a floating palace, doesn’t it?

Boeing 747 private jet13

I can’t get enough from this lounge!

Boeing 747 private jet12

Here is another design for the same lounge.

Boeing 747 private jet11

It can be customized in any way the client likes.

This king-sized bed is so inviting me for a sleep. Damn you billionaires.

Boeing 747 private jet10

The plenty of windows give an amazing view of the outside.

Boeing 747 private jet9

You can also have the stateroom in any way you like.

Boeing 747 private jet9

While the $51 million jet we covered before is pure luxury too, the Boeing’s bigger fuselage gives a spacious appearance that is impossible in smaller jets.

Boeing 747 private jet8

Looks like a picture from the world’s top luxury hotels rather than a plane.

Boeing 747 private jet7

Boeing 747 private jet6 Boeing 747 private jet5

A comfy office in between is every person’s dream.

Boeing 747 private jet4

A top-of-the-line conference room.

Boeing 747 private jet3

Can also serve as a dining room too!

Boeing 747 private jet2

What about the first class seating on top of the Boeing 747? It is yet another private lounge!

Boeing 747 private jet

So, worth the money or not?

Image credits: Boeing Aerospace Industries


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The Interior Of This Boeing 747 Private Jet Will Make Donald Trump Jealous

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