The Gate Smart Lock Allows You To Unlock Your Door Using An App


Two engineers from the Google Glass project teamed up to invent a smart lock named Gate. The duo claims that Gate is the world’s first all-in-one solution for home security.


Image Source: Gate


Gate is your ultimate smart lock with features like built-in microphone and speaker, a 720p motion-detecting lens, smartphone connectivity, and key code lit by LED.


Image Source: Gate


Ehsan Saeedi, the CEO of Gate said that they wanted to design a deadbolt that combined the best features of all the solutions available in the market:

“We started with the experience that we wanted to create. For example, as a user, I don’t always want to have to wait around at home for packages, a cleaner, or repair person to turn up. I started asking myself how I could make that experience better and what would I need in a device on my front door to solve that problem?”


Image Source: Gate


The engineer duo adopted a problem-centric approach to design Gate, thus making it more of a necessity than a show-off gadget. Once in a while, everyone makes the tough choice of handing over the house key to your neighbour or a relative whom you don’t want to give a permanent means to enter your place. Gate is the solution to all your woes.


Image Source: Gate


Gate can detect if someone is at your door and will notify you on your smartphone. If the person presses the call button on Gate, you can talk to them and see them using the accompanying app. A tap of the button is all you need to unlock the door remotely. Gate also allows you to assign temporary and permanent passcodes to the people visiting your home to facilitate their access.

“We decided to use a key code because not everyone is going to necessarily have access to the Gate app on their phone. The addition of a camera also gives you extra confidence and trust about who’s arriving at your house and who is leaving.”

Image Source: Gate


The project is currently live on Indiegogo while Gate will start shipping in March 2017.



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