Tesla Model S Driver Blames The Car For Crashing Into Gym, Tesla Says Otherwise


Earlier in June, a Tesla Model X crashed into a house as it accelerated on its own. Now, a Model S has been involved the same kind of accident.


Image Source: Electrek


The surveillance camera footage reveals a driver slowly driving in to park his Model S in front of the gym in Lighthouse Point, Florida. The Tesla EV suddenly accelerated and crashed right into the front door fo the gym.

Image Source: Electrek
Image Source: Electrek

The husband of the Model S driver took to the Tesla forum to report the incident in detail. The post has since been taken down from the forum:

“I have owned several Model S Teslas and currently own 1 P85D and 1 P90D. Recently, my wife experienced a near fatal accident when she was slowly parking at her gym. The car violently exploded into full acceleration and could have easily killed people in the gym.”


Image Source: Electrek


Tesla has blamed the accident on the driver and, quite understandably, Model S owner is not happy about it:

“I am amazed and wildly disappointed by the way Tesla has handled this and their complete unwillingness to even talk to me about it. Of course, they immediately blamed it on the driver and claimed their online computer tells them that”, admitting that “it is possible that there could have been driver error, but we do not feel that is what has occurred and wanted to have it looked further into.”


Image Source: Electrek


The spokesperson of the Elon Musk company stated that the logs reveal the accelerator pedal was pressed down during the accident. The owner of Model S wants further investigation.


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